Garden Improvements that Boost The Value of Your Home


Some people just aren’t the gardening type. You might not spend a lot of time outdoors, but you must give it some thought to try and make your home more appealing when it becomes time to sell up. Not only can a well-kept garden help you to push through a house sale, but it can also give a higher value to a home. For many people, the garden is almost as important as the house, and having extra amenities and a beautifully kept yard makes a surprising difference. Whether it’s a bit of tree trimming and pruning or a full-scale garden renovation, making some improvements can boost your home value a shocking amount.

Start With Plants

Plants are an effortless and straightforward way to vastly improve the look of your garden and make your house more appealing. If you already have plants, it could be time for some maintenance. Taking away dead heads and ensuring plenty of fertilizer, nutrients, and water are getting to the plants can vastly improve the look of your garden. All of this can be done in one weekend, and you don’t even need to hire anyone. Adding some suitable plants for the area where you live can be an excellent way to add a splash of color and class. If you need assistance contact Austin arborists for garden care advice.

Take Good Care of Your Trees

Trees can go either way. They might not grow big and strong, and fruit trees need a lot of nutrients and maintenance to get to the point where they look extensive and impressive. Support this growth, and you can end up with a spectacular statement piece in your garden.

Alternatively, trees might grow big and strong, which is excellent but can also cause an unsightly overgrowth or even a hazard. So taking care of your trees might be a case of stunting the growth in some areas or at least trimming to ensure that the trees don’t get out of control or cause a risk of falling and damaging property.

Consider Adding a Pool 

How much difference can a pool make? Well, it takes your house into the realms of luxury! If you live in a hot area, the people looking for a home might well be prioritizing finding somewhere to live with a pool available to use. Some estimates say that a pool can boost the value of the whole house by up to 7%. That’s an impressive boost.

Consider a Garden Pathway

A pathway through your yard gives more of a focal point and direction. It also shows that you have thought about it and can provide potential buyers a vision of what life might be like if this were their garden. A pathway up to the house can present it in a much more impressive way. This is a psychological tip to give your home more of a shine and appeal.

One of the best things about a pathway is that it can be pretty inexpensive to install. Many of the materials needed to install a path are very cheap, and the job can be carried out quickly. In addition, you can use this pathway as a focal point for installing other aspects like planters. All of this can help to make your garden more appealing. 

Install Lots ofcontact Austin arborists for garden care advice Lights 

All of the effort you put into making your backyard look great can be redundant if it is not easy to see! In the modern age, we all benefit from installing lights in the garden at no electricity cost. Solar lights can collect power from the sun during the day, and then when the sunlight drops, they can shine and illuminate your yard. 

Just like inside your home, light can make everything look much more appealing and show off the hard work to make your house look good. Many people will picture spending balmy nights out in the garden, and if you have a lovely lighting setup, this will be much easier to envisage. On the other hand, nobody wants a dark and dingy space.

Add Smart Garden Technology 

Innovative technology sends all the right messages about the upkeep of your home. If someone visits a house that they are thinking about buying, and they see smart tech already installed, they will know that it has been well kept. You can install things like smart solar lights, even weather stations, and plant sensors. You can also install security cameras in your outdoor space, something else that potential buyers will see as a big plus point. You don’t have to go overboard, but just enough to show that you have given both home and garden some severe consideration. 

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