The Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Robe

If you are reading this article then you might be interested in owning your very own collection of women’s spa robes. There are quite a few reasons why people would want to buy and wear these luxurious robes and here are some of them:

  • Coverage – You will not be going to the office wearing a plush robe but you still have to look decent. Think about having to answer the door for a minute and realizing that something that should not be seen is sticking out.
  • Breathability – Depending on which part of the world you live in, you might want your robe to give you warmth or to keep you cool. If you live in the tropics, you would want to have a breathable robe and have the AC cranked up while you sit tight in the couch. When you live in a chilly place however, what you will need is a robe that retains the heat of your body.
  • Absorbability – Because of the tremendous attention put into how comfy robes are supposed to be, we often forget its original purpose. And that is to dry you off when you step out of the shower.
  • Boudoir – There is probably a reason why these robes are so easy to take off.

There are way too many kinds of robes nowadays like smoking jackets, morning gowns, dressing gowns, voluminous tunics, caftans, women’s spa robes, and so much more. They come at a variety of lengths from those that cover up to your ankles to bravely just below the waistline. The bulk and weights differ as well with some so light that it feels you are wearing nothing and 100% cottons that will absorb all moisture and start weighing a ton. There are many kinds of sleeves as well depending on the main use of the robe. Some cover up to your hands and others have no sleeves at all.

Some of these robes have also become a new avenue to let loose the creative juices of mixing and matching. Women’s spa robes, for instance, should bring a charm with it as it is going to be flaunted for guests at the spas. There are simple designs as well that focuses more on functionality. These do not usually see the light of day and should remain that way.

Because of how this line of wear is starting to expand with all the possible choices and uses, it has become a certified fashion trend hub. It is easy to get addicted to robes and start collecting them for your own amusement. Of course, it is always easier to start when you already have a wardrobe full of robes but if you are just starting out, here are some considerations that you should watch out for if you do decide to get into it.


There are two ways to look at robes when it comes to covering yourself. First, if you intend to wear it above a few layers, then you would not want it to cover so much as it would go against what you were intending in the first place. On the other hand, if you are more concerned about looking the bit modest in your home while relaxing on the couch, then you might want to have your entire body modestly covered.

It can be a bit challenging to start layering your clothes with robes if you do not have enough to work with. If you pull it  off, then you pull a safe presentable wear that could warrant a few glances, but if you mess it up, then you could look like you just stepped out of the shower and into the wrong room.

Changing into these robes does not necessarily mean that you are at the end of the day and preparing to rest. It can just be a signal for slowing down or changing gears before the real work starts.


When you decide to cover yourself up with the kind of fabric that these robes usually have, you are going to retain heat. These robes are made to be highly absorbent and meaning thick layers of wound fabric that will make you sweaty. There are of course some materials that can offer more breathability even with all that coverage, but you are going to have to sacrifice absorption.

If you do choose to be warm however, women’s spa robes are almost too perfect for you. They are comfy, easy to wear and is going to keep you covered however you want.


Robes are almost all one size fit all kind of wear. They often have adjustable hoops so that could be the reason for that. It should not be the case however and the robe industry are coming up with size guides to remedy the situation to make sure that the robe actually fits you well. Try to find out how it is actually worn and try to see if you are not made to do a compromise because the size is too big or too small for you.


Strangely enough, the clothing wear that was originally made for a single purpose only, which is to keep on doing what you are doing right after you step out of the shower, has become quite the handy house wear. For instance, they now have nooks and pockets that anticipate holding your electronic devices. You can even wear one on rainy days as some of these robes feature hoods.

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