Prepping for the In-Laws: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Guest-Ready

Imagine coming home from a long day at work only to receive a text from your in-laws. They want to visit this weekend to catch-up. With such short notice, you begin to panic and look around at a messy home. You know this isn’t a scene that should be shown to guests. Everyone has been in this scenario and can share the pain. The best way to approach this situation is by being proactive. Here are four ways to make your home guest-ready.

Clean the Bathrooms Thoroughly

Bathrooms are often the dirtiest rooms in a home. Although bathrooms are not areas for hosting guests, they shouldn’t be ignored during the prepping process. You should clean guest bathrooms thoroughly to ensure no odor or dirt will make a bad impression with the visitors. There is nothing worse than having a guest feel uncomfortable because of a dirty bathroom.

Prep the Exterior of the House

When preparing for a guest, many homeowners make the mistake of only focusing on the inside. The exterior of a house will be the first thing that guests see. You can imagine this as the first impression that guests may have. Trimming trees and bushes, mowing the lawn, fixing the roofing, watering flowers and power-washing are all great ways to make the exterior of a home look more presentable before guests arrive.

Make Some Snacks

Guests typically arrive hungry when visiting friends or family members. Whether getting off of work or completing a long day of travel, it seems that visitors always feel like snacking. Preparing some light food is a great way to keep guests satisfied and patient until the next meal is to be served. You don’t have to cook anything special in between lunch and dinner. A simple tray full of finger foods should be enough to keep guests from becoming grumpy.

Clear Space for the Guests

Clearing space for your guests is another great way to prepare the home. A few spots can be cleared on the coat rack. There will also need to be space for their shoes. If you have guests staying overnight, you’ll have to clear some room for their clothing and toiletries. This is much easier for those homeowners with an extra guest room. It doesn’t hurt to even clear some space on the coffee table so guests feel free to place their belongings around the home.

Everyone can relate to the stress associated with having guests visit. These four steps can help anyone prepare their house for friends, co-workers and even in-laws.

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