The Choice of Materials Available to Build Your Roof

To build a roof many factors have to be taken into consideration. Primarily, it will be related to how bad or how good the weather is where you are. This will suggest how long a particular roof might last made out of a certain material. So, this article will consider the different roofing materials available and just how likely it is that they will be able to withstand the elements over time. Companies such as Apple Roofing Phoenix are on hand to help with the construction or repair of your roof.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

With them being inexpensive, lightweight, and the easiest to install, asphalt shingles have become the popular choice for householders. They are available in sheets that when placed on a roof will give the impression that they are a more expensive shingle, such as slate or cedar. Single shingles are more expensive to install because they are installed one at a time by a professional roofer.

In terms of their weather resistance, asphalt shingles fair well in frigid temperatures, rain, ice, and snow. Dark shingles will heat up to 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit over ambient temperature, and to 160 degrees when it is 100 degrees outside. Construction firms will generally want to install them at temperatures between 40 and 85 degrees. Installing them in cold weather can make them brittle and make them more prone to cracking. So, while the weather is good, see to it that you have your roof looked at if it is asphalt shingles that you desire.

Hot Climates

It is not thought that asphalt shingles are the best option for areas that experience temperatures in the triple digits. In these cases, clay, metal, slate, or rubber shingles are best.

So, where the climate is hot, consider Terracotta or clay as a good material to use. Solar cells installed on the tops of roofs benefit from these sorts of climates, too. However, before you go to the trouble of fitting them for energy efficiency, you first need to make sure that your roof is well maintained and does not need replacing. Also, the insulation you already have on your roof is sufficient enough to stop you from losing the heat that is currently being generated by your heating system.


We all want our roof to last for as long as possible and to be low maintenance, so it is worth considering which materials last the longest. Top of the list, your roofing contractor can use slate for your roofing material. It can sometimes last for longer than 100 years. This natural rock is mined and cut to form a shingle and then each one is fitted individually to a roof. The expense is well worth it considering the amount of time the roof will last. Not just for the current householder’s lifetime but also for that of the next generation. So, if you are wanting your children to inherit your current home, then slate is a very good option to consider. Thin and tapered, this material can be used for roof and wall coverings. Slate is also 100% fireproof as well as being weather resistant and perfect for colder climates. They can withstand strong winds as well as snow and rain. If you can afford the expense, then slate is the material that we would all want.


In conclusion, we can seek out, with the assistance of our roofing contractor, materials that suit our budget, that can cope with our climate, and those that will last. Whatever roofing material we decide on, roofing companies will come and inspect our roof regularly and repair it when required. We must give our roof the consideration it deserves, given that it protects us from the elements, keeps our possessions safe, and will reduce our heating bills by keeping the heat inside our homes.

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