The Best Plants And Decorations For Your Wedding 

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Flowers are the typical go-to for wedding decorations. There are many flowers you can choose from for your wedding. But when the scheduled event is on a hot day, flowers tend to wilt, and they don’t look their best anymore. 

You can then opt for greenery, as many types of plants look great and are hardy against hot days. You can pair them with the best wedding decorations as well. Here are some ideas that you can adopt for your wedding.  

Wedding Greenery 

Some plants have unique features that make them spectacular décors. If these are available locally, it won’t be hard to source them for any event.  

  • Olive 

The branches of the olive plant are versatile. You can dress them in florals or fabric or leave them plain. They have a light and casual charm, and the silvery underside creates depth and a sophisticated effect when taking photos. Couples tend to choose the olive tree because of its symbolism or association with prosperity, peace, luck, fertility, and victory – positive things you’d want for your union. You can add olive branches to one side of a chair tied to a draped chiffon. They also make great centerpieces on the reception table. Find more here of ideas on which plants you can use for various occasions. 

  • Succulents 

Succulents are sturdy and colorful. They come in various shapes and sizes, making them popular despite not being traditional wedding plants. They can thrive in dry weather and are low maintenance. They won’t droop down despite the heat, which is why they can be decorations for your wedding. 

Plus, succulents also offer a soothing and calm vibe. If succulents help relax you at home, imagine how they can enhance your wedding venue.  

You can use individually potted succulents to serve as escort cards. These escort cards bear the names of the guests and the corresponding table numbers. If you like, you can write multiple names on one escort card to show the people who will sit alongside each other. 

  • Laurel 

Laurel is among the few plants that make great wedding décors. They make good topiaries that offer a classic and elegant style as wedding greenery. You can find good potted laurel topiaries that you can place on each side of the aisle. The entryway is also an excellent place to greet guests. You can also get multiple topiaries to line the entire aisle to give the venue a stunning look.   

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Wedding Décor 

The wedding venue won’t only look regal with your chosen greenery. The following décor can also give the venue a personalized charm that’s uniquely you on your wedding day. 

  • Fairy Lights 

Try fairy lights if you need décor that’ll go with almost anything. They’re easy to procure and use. You can have them wrapped around columns or beams. The lights can also be draped above the venue. If your reception area has a fireplace, you can cluster them on the top or around it. They’ll also look stunning behind the dance floor. 

Pick fairy lights with warm or yellowish light for a cosy glow. When the first dance pictures are taken, they’ll give off a dazzling effect that’s also romantic and memorable.  

  • Organic Table Runner 

When one speaks of table runners for wedding events, the usual fabric varieties come to mind. But you can also move past that and use greenery for the table. If you haven’t thought of using green table runners, you can request the florist to fashion you one made with either ferns or eucalyptus. You can also choose flowering plants as the centerpiece of a long table for your reception. 

  • DIY Photo Banner 

A unique way to celebrate your wedding day is to create a simple banner that showcases photos of your special moments as a couple. For example, you can use a repurposed wooden palette to pin Polaroid pictures on. But your banner can be anything that’s up to your taste and creativity. It can be a conversation piece that your guests can enjoy during the reception. The banner can also simply come with strings that you tie from one end of the wall to the other as it’s lined with photographs.  

In Conclusion 

Greenery and wedding décor can also work together to make a charming wedding venue. They don’t even have to be the expensive kind. It only takes the right ideas to make your wedding spectacular.   

Plants and unique decorative pieces can make your wedding day special. The venue doesn’t have to be lavishly decorated. Using greenery can give the event a fresh and natural feel. 

You can exercise your creativity or hire a professional to help you pick the suitable foliage and create an atmosphere with decorative pieces that can complete a theme or top and make the location perfect.  

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