Thanksgiving Thoughts: 4 New Traditions You Should Consider

Thanksgiving is a time of the year when your family gathers together to enjoy good food and good fellowship. It’s sometimes the only time of the year when everyone is able to get together in one location. That’s why you should make the holiday special instead of a traditional dinner all the time. Change things around each year so that the holiday is memorable and exciting.

Make a Tablecloth

When you’re setting the table for dinner, use a white tablecloth that you don’t mind saving. As each person sits down at the table or arrives at your home, let them write a special message or draw a picture. At the end of the day, take pictures of the tablecloth with everyone there. Fold the cloth, saving it until next year so that you can use it on the table again.

Take a Fishing Trip

Instead of staying inside the house all day, gather the family together to go on a fishing trip. You can rent a large cabin so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor instead of a traditional dinner with turkey. This will also give your family a way to enjoy nature while playing games with each other or just talking about life in general. This time of the year is often cooler than the spring and summer so you might want to pack long-sleeve shirts, like those from Over Under Clothing, for everyone with a special message on the front of back. You can get large orders of shirts from companies like over Under Clothing that will provide the warmth that everyone needs when you’re outside.

There are families that don’t have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Your family can prepare a large meal for one or two families or purchase items to give to several families so that they can prepare a meal on their own. Another way that you can donate to others is to help serve Thanksgiving dinner in a soup kitchen or a community center. It will allow you to look at what you have to truly be thankful for on the holiday.

Make a Cookbook

If your family is like most, then there are new people added all the time. Start a new tradition of making a cookbook that includes all of the special recipes that each family member cherishes. When you gather for Thanksgiving each year, you can add new recipes that you come up with during the year or that you remember.

Your Thanksgiving holiday should be one that is unique to everyone who gathers together. Find a way to celebrate that gives back to others or that offers a way for the younger generation to remember the special times that you have together.

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