Thank You For Your Service: 5 Major Discounts For Military Families

The American people and the country, as a whole, owe a great debt to military service people. This is the reason giving them as many gifts as possible is only right. The following are five major military discounts you and your family can enjoy because you have served your country. 

Auto Parts

As a small token of appreciation, Two Step Performance has partnered with GovX to proudly offer a special discount to all verified military personnel and first responders. The discount rate is 10% off almost all products in their store, with the exception of brands that have pricing policies that disallow any discounts outside of authorized sale periods.

Exquisite Linens for Less

Building a beautiful, welcoming house to come home too is important, especially for service members who put their lives on the line for the country. Bumblebee Linens offers an exclusive 10% discount on all on-hand and new products for military members and veterans. You can also have linens personalized with custom embroidery. Save on premium linens, handkerchiefs, napkins, towels, and more, and create a home that you love to live in.

Discounted Car Price

Perhaps one of the best ways to help disabled veterans is helping with the purchasing of a car. Both big and small car dealerships usually offer great discounts for you that could end up saving you hundreds. Go ahead and ask around until you find the dealership with the best deal for you and your family.

FitMyCar Military Discount

Our military’s work is frequently done offshore, away from everyday civilian life and we appreciate them for putting their lives on the line to protect our communities. To recognize our servicemen’s commitment and sacrifice, FitMyCar offers a 12% storewide discount and has created a coupon code for all active and retired military personnel, as well as immediate family members living in the same household. 

Traveling Cheaper

Trains, airplanes, and even rental car companies want your business more than you can imagine. Many popular transportation companies offer a number of discounts for people who have served their country, including their families.

Leisure is Yours

You have done a lot for this country, and you deserve your time in the sun. Military service people are entitled to major leisure discounts. You can take a cruise at an affordable rate, or stay in amazing hotels around the world at a fraction of the price. There are also a number of amusement parks or museums that offer great discounts to military families, making vacations much more enjoyable. 

Insurance Can Be Lower

Insurance is something that everyone has to deal with, but you can get some of these at a fraction of the price. Yes, insurance companies will likely offer a special rate to your military family. Keep in mind that the discount will probably be different depending on the insurance company you talk to, so make sure you talk to more than one company before settling. 

Hopefully, these discounts make life easier for you because you deserve it. Small or big, do not be afraid to ask for the discounts you deserve because every bit counts.

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