Teach Your Kids the ABC’s of Dental Care

Your duty as a responsible parent does not come to an end once you have taught alphabets and numbers to your kids. Oral hygiene is equally important for them. The relation between you and your kids is the same as that of a potter and the earthen pots. As he molds and gives shapes to pots, you do the same to your kids. The upbringing of your child is completely dependent on you. With regard to oral health and hygiene, you need to familiarize them with the various things that they do not know. Do you know how you became so sensible to look after oral hygiene? Undoubtedly, you would say, “My parents guided me when I was younger.” 

Oral hygiene is a vast concept that differs with regard to the age of your child. Use this guide to help you determine the different kinds of toothbrushes for your kid with respect to their age:

If your kid is below the age of 1 year: This is the most delicate stage of your kid. At this stage, he or she needs Finger toothbrush as they are very soft and do not cause rashes to their gums or teeth.

When your kid is about two years old: At this stage, molar teeth grow in your toddler’s mouth, so he or she needs to use a toddler toothbrush. The reason it has a slightly bigger head which helps him or her cleaning the targeted area of teeth. Also, ask him or her to use toothpaste that has fluoride.

When your kid is five years old: At this stage, adult teeth develop in your kid’s mouth and he or she needs a bigger toothbrush, which is chiefly called as a school-age toothbrush.

When your kid is between five and eight years of age: At this stage, your kid is old enough to brush his or her teeth. So, now he or she may benefit from an electric toothbrush. The best thing about this toothbrush is that it features a 3-minute timer that allows him or her to complete the required duration of brushing.

When your kid is nine years old: At this stage, the development of your kid’s teeth is almost complete. Now, he or she will be in the need of an adult-sized brush.

Apart from different types of toothbrushes and toothpaste, teach your child about these health tips.

Dietary plan: Usually, kids are used to eating lots of sweets and chocolates which are very harmful to their oral health. Ask them to cut down on these things if he or she cannot shun them.

Brushing teeth at least two times per day: Usually all kids brush their teeth after getting out of bed. But, brushing once in a day is not sufficient for your kid. Ask him or her to brush his or her teeth before going to bed at night also.

Dental check-ups: Your kid’s dental care is very important. Be sure to schedule their dental check-ups. Generally, oral diseases are silent killers, though they can be spotted through symptoms, such as swelling, bleeding, and pain in the gums. Ask him or her to tell you if they experience any of these symptoms so you can take them to a dentist for a check-up immediately.


Contributed by Shashi Das

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