Thinking of Having Another Child? 4 Things to Consider Before Growing Your Family

Your first child is nearing their second birthday, and you have already caught baby fever again. You miss the smell of baby powder and the fuzzy feeling of holding that tiny bundle of joy in your arms. If you want to have another child, here are a few things to consider first.

Consider Your Partner

Does your partner want another child? Will having another child make it even more difficult for the two of you to spend time together? How much does your partner currently help out with raising your child? These are all very important things to consider in regard to your partner and baby number two. It’s also important to consider why you want to have another child. Some people think that a baby will fix an unhappy marriage. In fact, it further exaggerates the issues. Be sure you want to have another baby for the right reasons.

Consider Your Career

The cost of daycare for one child usually isn’t enough to equate to justify quitting a job. However, additional children come with additional daycare charges. Depending on where you live, the cost of daycare is sometimes more than it’s worth. If you are in your dream career and aren’t ready to cut back even more hours, pay additional daycare charges, or quit altogether, you may want to put a second child on hold. Work-life balance is a hard thing to master! This also depends on how demanding your job is; some companies are more family-friendly than others.

Consider the Unexpected

In a perfect world, all babies are born on time and with no medical issues. Baby-making is a lot like playing the lottery. Many couples get the shock of their life when they find out they are having twins or triplets. Be prepared for any extra medical expenses or for the possibility that you might end up with more than one baby!

Consider the Size of Your Home

A bigger family means you will need a bigger house if you currently don’t have enough rooms. If you and your partner are set on having another baby, it’s time to begin the hunt for a larger home. A good real estate agent can help you buy and sell real estate so you can get a house that’s perfect for your growing family.

Having a second child can bring great joy to you, your partner, and your other child if you are well-prepared and are doing it for the right reasons. If you are ready to have your second child, be sure to consider all of the above tips to make baby number two a breeze.

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