Saving Money as a Child

While your child may have an interest in putting money aside for the future, or you simply wish to teach them about the benefits of saving their allowance or pocket money, many banks do not offer accounts until your child reaches a certain age. Prior to this, it can sometimes be difficult for a child to know what to do with their money, especially if its presence increases the likelihood of temptation to spend it. By looking into some options available, even for extremely young children, you can help them to meet their savings goals.

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Money-Saving Tips for Families with Kids

Many of us dream of having kids, and it is wonderful when that dream becomes a reality. However, once you settle into your new role as a parent, you realize that you want to provide everything to your kids. Unfortunately, that’s not so easy to do when everything costs money. Even if you have a great job or a partner to share the expenses with, it can still be hard to satisfy all of your family’s needs. So how can you provide as much as possible while on a budget? Here are some money-saving tips for families with kids.

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Top 5 Tips for Saving Energy at Home

Do you dread your utility bills dropping through the letterbox? Would you like to know how you can reduce them? It seems that energy prices are always rising, and it’s not going to change anytime soon. For many homeowners, it’s one of the biggest expenses. There are many ways you can save on your energy bills, many of which require little or no expense, making a happier household.

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Hack Your Way to Lower Monthly Bills with These 4 Tips

It’s a problem if your bills are more than your income every month, or even if you’re just barely getting by. It’s important to save money so that you can build up an emergency fund and put money towards retirement. When you’re not doing that, you need to either start making more money, which is often difficult (especially in the short term), or lower your monthly expenses, which tends to be much easier. All it takes is an honest look at those expenses and finding areas where you can cut back. Here are four tips to immediately spend less every month.
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Saving Money for a Big Purchase

The past year and a half has been a pretty tough one. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has seen us all face some sort of struggles – whether hose have been struggles with our own health, loved ones’ health, job loss, social isolation or anything else. It’s not all too surprising that many of us are looking forward to life going back to normal. With vaccines being rolled out around the world and lockdown measures being eased and relaxed, many of us want to get normal life off to a great start with a significant purchase. Whether that’s a holiday, a celebration or anything else. Here are a few steps you can take to save the money you may need for your plans to go ahead!

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Top Money-Saving Tips For Lowering Your Household Bills This Year 

Many people don’t realize just how much they could be saving on their household bills with just a few simple adjustments around the home. You may need to spend a little money to begin with, but you will soon see results in your monthly bill. Here are some of our top money-saving tips to help you lower your monthly payments.  

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Learn the Different Types of Budgets

Most everyone really wants to keep control of their money so they need to know how to develop a budget and then be able to stick with it.  Budgets have many different titles, but many have the same concept. I am going to outline some of these here for you.

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4 Means of Saving Money for a Remodel

If you are planning to remodel your home, you may want to start saving money now so you can avoid using credit or your regular monthly income. Setting aside money for a special cause like an exciting home renovation can make the effort feel worthwhile. Here are suggestions for building a financial reserve for your home makeover project.

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Successful Savings: A Little Goes a Long Way

When you’re used to living paycheck to paycheck, it seems impossible to save. How are you supposed to save money for vacation, or Christmas, or for a major expense you know is coming when it seems as though everyday life uses up every penny you have to spare? As it turns out, a little savings can go a long way.
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