How to Write User and Google Friendly Articles

The process of content creation requires a lot of planning. This preparation stage allows for taking many aspects into consideration in order to craft quality articles. In particular, it is crucial to realize that search engines with embedded artificial intelligence perceive content the same way as users do. That is why the articles for any website or blog should be user- and Google-friendly.

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Google Chromecast: See it. Stream it.


How great is technology today?  There are so many ways to get your favorite music, videos and movies sent right to you. But what happens when you have all the technology in your hand and not on your living room wall?  Is your TV not smart enough to keep up?  Google Chromecast has now made it possible to stream on non-smart TVs. Now you can watch movies, shows, live TV, YouTube, and photos streaming on your TV from all of your family’s devices.

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Do More of What You Love with the New Google Pixelbook

Introducing Pixelbook: the new high-performance Chromebook and Pixelbook Pen1: the smart, responsive stylus designed to enhance the way you work and play.

Pixelbook is the first laptop with Google Assistant built in, allowing users to work smarter and be more productive. The possibilities are quite endless with access to all of the apps we know and love. Sketch or edit photos with the GSuite apps or have full access to your favorite movies and TV shows with apps like Google Play Movies and YouTube Red.
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5 Incredibly Useful Features of Google Maps You May Not Know

Contributed by Scarlett Watson

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The best features of Google’s mapping app are a bit difficult to find out—till you recognize where you have to look.

Google Maps is amazing for finding locations but it’s just not that for which you can use Google maps. This app is way much more than an admirable Garmin. Maps have almost every kind of influential features and time-saving shortcuts which are to be exposed. So grasp your compass and get prepared: you can check out some of its really cool features right here:
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