Supporting Your Kids’ Teachers Makes Better Schools

A school is only as strong as its teachers. They work hard every day and aside from the hours they put in at the school, many teachers spend a good amount of personal time in preparation and looking for new ideas. Teachers frequently put some of their own money into supplies and projects for the kids. Getting involved and providing some much needed back up for your kids’ teachers can also enrich the educational experience for the children.

Say Thanks

Thank you notes and plates of cookies are appreciated tokens of everyday gratitude. There are occasions, though when you might wish to do something more significant. Without breaking the bank there are some great gift baskets under $50 that would look great on a teacher’s desk on their birthday or teacher appreciation day. You can continue to show your thanks by helping out in different ways.

Help in the Classroom

Teachers are always grateful for an extra pair of hands in the classroom. Helping with art projects, listening to children read or reading to them are always helpful things to do. You could also hand out papers, make copies, or be a door monitor. Teachers may appreciate some additional help with running stations and helping individual children with their work. You may also be able to help with bulletin boards or snack time.

Volunteer for Playground Duty

Children seem to have limitless energy, and students who have been pent up in the classroom for a couple of hours need the release of running it off at recess and lunch break. It can be a time of laughter and fun, but unfortunately, there may be some children who will take the opportunity to bully some of the other kids. As a playground monitor, you may be able to help keep the peace, encourage fair play, and assist if there are any injuries.

Volunteer for Special Events

Schools depend on parent volunteers for events such as book fairs, plays, field trips, and field days. The additional help is greatly appreciated and in some cases, critical to the operation and success of these events. Children appreciate it too, though they may not realize it. A reduction of chaos helps give a sense of order and security that helps kids behave better.  

Even if you only have an hour here and there, you can be of valuable service to the school where your children spend so much of their time. It also shows your child that you care about them. And who knows? You might even make a few new friends.

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