How to Stow or Get Rid of Bulky Appliances

You are getting prepared to move your family across town to be near your new job. You are excited, because things are finally going your way. However, as you look through your belongings, you notice that you have a ton of bulky appliances that you have collected over the years. You do not want to throw all of them out, because they were expensive. Somehow, you need to store them away until you are ready to use them again. The following are a few simple tips on how to handle this storage problem.

Check to See If They Still Work

You have a lot of old appliances ranging from an extra stove to an old washer and dryer set you pushed off to one side when you got a new set last year. Before you start thinking about storing these bulky appliances, you may want to check to see if they actually work, or not. There is no sense in keeping old, bulky appliances that do not run and are just taking up space. In fact, you can always call someone to come take away those old machines that no longer work or operate well enough to keep around.

Transporting Bulky Appliances to Where You Want to Store Them

The bulky appliances which you keep will be impossible to move with your little Honda. In fact, you might need to make multiple trips even if you use a truck. Since you do not have a truck, you will need to look into renting a truck to get this storage project under way. If your budget is too tight for that, maybe a friend or relative you know has a truck, and they will be willing to help you move your bulky appliances.

Purchase a Storage Unit

One trusty storage option is to rent a storage unit from a local storage facility with loading docks and freight elevators, like North Star Mini Storage. You can even purchase one that is climate controlled to store other important items you do not want getting damaged as well. This way, you can pull appliances out for use per need and at your convenience.


When it comes to storing bulky appliances, it typically involves determining ahead of time which ones you will keep, how you plan to transport the appliances and where you plan to store the appliances until you are ready to use them again. As a rule of thumb, a storage unit is the best option for holding onto bulky appliances long term. If your new home has additional storage space, you can always try to work within your homes spacial limitations, but it may not be desirable to clutter up your new residence with a lot of bulky appliances.

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