Size Matters: Ideal Image Sizes for Social Media

What’s smaller than the tiniest mouse, yet still manages to get the cheese? It’s a small but brave hero.

What does that have to do with social media image sizes? Well, hopefully not much. Sniffing around social media for digital mice without knowing optimal image sizes is a good way to get eaten by a giant cat. Luckily for you, we’ve crunched some social media numbers to find out what sort of sizes can get you the best results.

Profile Photos

When it comes to profile photos, size matters. The ideal size for a profile photo on most social media platforms is 400×400 pixels. This gives you a nice, clear image that is big enough to see but not so big that it takes up too much space.

Cover Photos

The average image size for a cover photo on social media photos is 851×315 pixels. This is the ideal size for cover photos on social media. The cover photo should be clear and concise and should represent the page or profile in a positive light.

A good cover photo will make a page or profile more visually appealing and can help to attract more followers. A background remover will also help enhance and make your cover photos beautiful.


No matter what your product or service is, you want your ad to be seen by as many people as possible. But how do you make sure your ad is seen by potential customers? One way is to choose the right size for your ad.

Each social media platform has its own ideal image size for ads. For example, on Facebook image sizes, the ideal size for a standard ad is 1200×627 pixels. On Twitter, the ideal image size for a Promoted Tweet is 1024×512 pixels.

And on LinkedIn, the ideal image size for a Sponsored InMail ad is 700×400 pixels. By choosing the right size for your ad, you can make sure it’s seen by potential customers and gets the results you want.

Images in Posts

When crafting a social media post, it’s important to pay attention to the image you’re using. The image should be high quality and an appropriate size for the platform you’re using.

For example, on Facebook, images should be 1200×627 pixels. On Twitter, images should be 1024×512 pixels. And on Instagram, images should be 1080×1080 pixels.

For many social media users, size matters when it comes to their link previews. When choosing images for social media posts, the recommended size for link previews varies depending on the platform.

For example, the ideal size for Facebook link previews is 1200×630 pixels, while the ideal size for Twitter link previews is 1024×512 pixels.

When choosing images for social media posts, it’s important to keep these ideal sizes in mind to ensure that your link previews look their best.

Learn Image Sizes Now

Now that you know the ideal image sizes for social media, it’s time to start creating some engaging content! As always, be sure to test and iterate to find what works best for your audience and your brand.

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