Simple Ways to Keep the Nursery Tidy

Guest post contributed by Diana

It is no secret that babies require a lot of gear. Especially in this day and age when we have a million accessories, apparatuses and three times more clothing than a baby realistically needs, it’s easier than ever to find yourself drowning in all of it. In fact, since nurseries are often small, and need to fit a lot of things, they end up being messy and impractical after a very short time. Not to worry, there are some simple hacks that will help you get rid of the clutter and make your child’s room the safe, comfortable place it’s supposed to be.


There is only so much space, so fitting in everything that “should” go there just isn’t going to work. Instead, find a space where you can store things (a spare room, unused closet space, attic, etc.) and be really honest with yourself about what you actually need to keep in the room. On the top of the list should be the supplies like the main blanket, diapers, changing station kit and other things that you regularly use in the room, like toys or everyday clothing. Everything else, including any spare supplies, linen, clothes that are too small or still too big, and toys that they don’t play with regularly should be put away. Having fewer things will make it easier for you to organize and make it a safer environment for the child. The things you put away should not be impossible to reach but simply moved out of the way to prevent overcrowding.

Organize by station

You wouldn’t keep your pots and pans in the living room, and it’s for the simple reason that you are not using them there. Just like that, your nursery should be organized by sections. The crib is the sleeping area and around it should be only the things you regularly use to put your baby to sleep. The changing area will ideally be close to the closet where the child’s clothes are stored so that you can reach the clothes you need while they are on the changing table, and it should have all of the things you need to change them (including some spare supplies somewhere close). Try to have a designated spot for everything, so that you can always put it back in the same space, making it tidier and easier to manage.

Have proper storage

When talking about storage, we can all agree that there is never enough space for all the things we want to store. But being smart about your storage options and using your space wisely can improve your chances in the battle against the mess. Try utilizing the walls by placing shelves that go all the way to the ceiling, and have a step stool for easy access. That is not only a great way to use the space, but also to keep some things out of the reach of your child. Use the space under the crib to store some flat objects, like a foldable stroller, and use a fun toy hamper for their favorite items, so that they can reach them and play with them without being in danger of snapping drawers or cabinet doors when looking for their toys.

Keeping the nursery tidy is important because less mess means less of a chance of injury, and a space that is easier to clean regularly, which is important when you have a baby who is spending all of their time there. Make the space work for both you and your baby so you can both be happy and have fun.


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