Should You Skip the Drive and Just Fly When Moving Your Family?

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Having to move your family is an overwhelming experience. Wrapping everything up in one home is a lot of work, and you immediately have to turn around and start living in another home. In between, however, you need to actually move your family to your new home. You might have assumed you’d just pile in the car and go, but you might ask yourself should you skip the drive and just fly when moving your family?

Flying Is Fastest

MoneyCrashers states that one thing to consider is how close you are to a major airport right now. If you’re moving from one urban area to another, then you can possibly find direct flights connecting both cities. Your whole family can be moved in just one day, even if you are waiting on your moving truck to catch up to you.

Things can add up fast, though, if it’s not a simple direct flight. Flying during a peak holiday can make the airfare go up significantly. Also, you’ll need to get to the airport and out of the one you land in. That might mean transportation fees.

Flying off-peak is one way to save money doing this. If you can, have friends or family give you a ride at both ends, and get everyone to pack as lightly as possible to save money.

Shopping around for discount airfare and booking in advance is where you can save the most money. Airfare is typically at its cheapest point about six weeks in advance of your actual day of flying. You can also use online comparison sites to shop for the best deals. Some believe that Tuesdays specifically have the best deals, but it doesn’t always hold true.

The biggest perk of flying is that it might be the fastest way to get there. Air travel can be a stressful day, starting with traffic going to the airport, much less getting through the airport and then on the plane. Still, you get it over with and arrive at your new destination ready to start your new life.

If You’re Moving to Arizona

Arizona might have a reputation for being a popular destination among retirees, but entire families are moving there, too. The population growth is fueling a growing economy, and that might be why you would relocate your entire family there. If so, consider car shipping options in Arizona.

You can have your vehicle shipped to you so you don’t have to drive it yourself. Even if your family does drive, you can use shipping for any second or more vehicles in your household. Keeping your family all to one car means you can swap drivers more often and get there faster. Of course, if you fly, you’ll need vehicle shipping for every car, truck, or SUV your family owns.

Hitting the Road

Packing everyone up in the car and just driving to your new home can make sense if the trip would take less than a day. Any trip that winds up going overnight or longer starts getting more expensive. That’s because, in addition to meals and gas, you’ll have to start covering overnight accommodations when your family pulls into a hotel or motel for the night.

You might also have to account for tolls on major highways along the way. Also, factor in the wear and tear on your vehicle. If you log a few thousand miles along the way, your next oil change might happen while you’re actually en route to your new home.

Driving does have some perks. You won’t have to worry about baggage weights or fees. It might even give your family some time together to bond, especially if you play tourist at a few places along the way. Everyone is going through something stressful, and this is a chance for everyone to unwind a bit.

Just Crunch the Numbers

It should only take a few minutes to come up with a rough budget for what it would cost to drive, and airline tickets and fees are simple to look up. Compare the two numbers to see if there’s a clear winner. The decision should be an easy one in the midst of everything else you’re dealing with in all of this.

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