Knowing When You Need A Dental Crown

What Is A Dental Crown?

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A dental crown is a cap to cover a tooth which has been compromised internally, and is essentially dead, but is a method which uses the root to provide a functioning tooth, without the necessity to remove what is left of the old one. It is necessary when the enamel outer covering of the tooth has decayed and an infection has found its way into the pulp and nerves of the inner tooth. The nerve needs to be completely removed and the crown provides a subsequent covering to make the tooth useable again.

Causes Of Tooth Problems

The three main causes for problems to teeth come from decay, damage, and disease. All that brushing and flossing you were told about as a child really is vitally important, especially as our longevity is growing and we need our teeth to last longer than ever before. Once these issues have reached a critical point and the inner core of the tooth has become infected, root canal treatment is required, which seriously compromises the integrity of the tooth. Post-treatment requires the space formed by the root canal surgery to be filled and the remainder of the tooth protected.

The Root Canal

If one of your teeth has been broken down sufficiently for the inner nerves, or root canal to be compromised, you are almost certainly going to know about it. It may begin with very cold liquids causing a stabbing pain, before becoming a constant throbbing, which can be excruciatingly painful and pain killers won’t seem to make much difference. This may be accompanied by a darkening of the tooth, tenderness or swelling in the gums around the painful area, or a pimple-like bump. All are signs that an urgent visit to the dentist is required.

Wear and Tear

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As we age the constant grinding of food over the years tends to wear our teeth down, so that the bite, or occlusion, is no longer working properly. The cusp of a tooth is the pointy bit that is used for tearing our food, which can become chipped, so that again the occlusion is not right. A crown can correct both of these issues, by restoring the height and pointiness to their former glory. Some people are concerned about the cost of dental crowns in Brisbane, though it is far less expensive an option that a dental implant.

Excessive Fillings

For the fortunate few who have only ever experienced an occasional filling or two, having a filling has no material impact on the overall operation of the teeth. A tooth can be attacked in more than one place over time though, and a large filling or an excessive number of fillings on a single tooth can weaken the overall structure to the extent that a dental crown is required to ensure its continued integrity.


While for many the signs in some of the issues discussed make the dental visit urgent, many people recognize that the whiteness of their smile has diminished over the years and opt for cosmetic dentistry to solve the matter. Dental crowns can provide you with a beautiful smile once more, which does wonders for many people’s sense of well-being and confidence.

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Regular dental hygiene can dramatically reduce your chances for tooth decay, though the dental crown remains one of the foremost options for dentists in helping you through when the damage or decay arrive. The smart option is always to visit your dentist at the first sign of a problem for professional advice on your problem and the options.


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