The Art of Startup: How to Help Your Business Get Noticed

If you run or operate a startup, getting attention is the most important thing you can do right now. Getting noticed can make the difference between your company having rapid and early success or failing. But you need the right tools and tactics to grow your following and revenue. So use the following methods and avoid missing out on the attention your startup deserves.

Advertising Signs

Technology is surely changing business at a rapid pace. However, the old methods such as advertising signs are sometimes still effective. Americans still drive cars and walk on public sidewalks, meaning that signs are as profitable as ever. Being able to meet your prospects in the real world is an asset for your company because the online world is crowded.


With social media being so popular (not to mention free) it’s a no-brainer to use it to your full advantage. But beware, don’t just jump in and start promoting your startup. Have a solid strategy of how much you want to grow and what metrics you are going after. This could be signups, sales, or simply donations. Post multiple times per day, especially on Twitter, as posts can be scrolled by quickly without being noticed.


Building an email list is a sign of a startup that takes getting noticed seriously. With emails, you have a virtual database of all of your target prospects. From here, you can send whatever you want, how often you want. It doesn’t cost a dime either. Still, for a small fee, you can invest in tools that help you automate this. Therefore, you can send out messages at the ideal times of day when your users are most likely to be online.


Phones aren’t dead just yet. Because so few startups are reaching out to people over mobile lines, you can use this to your benefit. Make a list of influencers that you would love to have onboard and pick your best sales members to make the calls. The worst they can say is no. But if you’re lucky you could land a few promotion deals that get your company a lot of additional attention.

When it comes to business in today’s world, attention is the scarcest resource you are competing for. Customers everywhere are distracted and busy. To really stand out, you need proven tactics so you can rise above the competition. So put the above advice to use and avoid missing out on chances to grow your brand faster than before.

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