Shooting Range in Krakow – Is it Worth Trying Shooting With a Firearm?

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You don’t have to be a gun lover or a military to have fun on the shooting range and learn something new. While in Krakow, it is worth taking the time to visit one of the shooting ranges in the city. You can do it yourself, with friends, your other half, or family.

What is worth knowing about a gun range in Krakow?

A shooting range is a place that we associate mostly with men. However, a place that is eagerly visited by women and even whole families with children. The shooting range is a great place to gain a new experience and maybe find a new hobby! It is a great place for amateurs, as well as those who already had experience in shooting. They can also be visited by people who want to hone their skills and try professional shooting. In Krakow, the Cracow Shooting Academy deserves special mention. This is a shooting range in Krakow located on Jan Surzyckiego Street. Why is it worth visiting? Their profile on Google has more than 2 thousand positive reviews, the average of which is 5.0. This is a guarantee of high quality, good fun, and an experienced team. This Krakow gun range is distinguished by an extraordinary instructor staff composed of shooting enthusiasts who have great knowledge.

Why is Cracow Shooting Academy the best shooting range in Krakow?

“Many aspects contribute to Cracow Shooting Academy being referred to as one of the best gun ranges in Krakow. They have already mentioned an experienced team and an excellent location. In addition, there is a huge selection of weapons for amateurs and professionals waiting for us on-site. At Cracow Shooting Academy we can try shooting with short, long, and historical weapons. Among the available weapons, we can find such classics as COLT M1911, PPSz-41 “Pepesh”, AK-47 “Kalashnikov”, and AR-15 SNIPER. Modern and classic rifles will allow you to shoot in series, it is definitely an extraordinary experience! Interesting options are also shotguns, rifles, and heavy machine guns. History fans will appreciate the selection of weapons from different periods all the way back to World War I!”

Who is shooting at the shooting range in Krakow?

Shooting at the shooting range is really fun for everyone. Great fun for both the youngest and the oldest. Of course, not everyone can take part in the fun. Although there is no minimum age for shooting participants, it is recommended that they be at least 12 years old. Shooting is not a way to unload aggression, but an exercise in focus, accuracy, and control. It’s an art we have to learn. In addition, it is worth knowing how to handle weapons. People who often visit the shooting range confirm that it is an experience that allows you to comfort, calm and soothe your nerves.

Isn’t this your first visit to the shooting range? At Cracow Shooting Academy you can also try shooting for the more experienced. It’s also an extreme shooting range in Krakow. Instructors will advise on the selection of appropriate weapons and show what techniques should be used to make the shots well thought out and accurate.

Shooting in Krakow – perfect for a date, birthday, integration, or bachelor party

Don’t know where to arrange a special date? Or maybe you want to plan an unusual birthday? Do you want to organize an unforgettable integration party, stag do, or bachelor party? The shooting range in Krakow is a great place for all kinds of events! Even if you think guns and shooting aren’t for you, it’s worth giving it a shot.

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