The Secret of the “True Skin” – A Key to Skin Rejuvenation

Contributed by Nina Simons

We all want to prolong the inevitable aging process. To look young, beautiful and keep our skin as elastic and clean as it was in our teen years. The question is – is that really possible in today’s era of contaminated environment, unhealthy foods and cosmetics filled with chemicals?

Regardless of what you do, you can’t prevent your skin from aging. It will naturally become thinner with a tendency to lose its glow and become wrinkled. What you can do is slow the process, find a method for rejuvenation that suits you – find a way to stimulate your skin. Simply changing some of you habits can have a great impact on its look. So remember, every little change will help improve your skin’s health and appearance.

Good food equals healthy skin

There are multiple types of anti-aging treatments that can make you look younger and help vitalizing your skin. One way is to rejuvenate skin by altering your eating habits. Eating organic or switching to vegan food can help cleansing your body from the inside which will not only make you feel better but also healthier. Nowadays the choices of healthy foods are endless, so you can just go to your local grocery store and purchase organic vegetable and fruits.

Natural is the right choice

Avoid using cosmetics that are perfumed since they are more likely to be filled with harmful chemicals that can irritate your skin. Be cautious about the products you are using at the moment, check the list of ingredients for parabens, phthalates and aluminum. Educate yourself on how they affect epidermis, follicles and even your health.

Use natural cosmetics, but before purchasing, read the label. Make sure it contains chemical-free ingredients to prevent skin irritation or allergic reaction. Also, making your own skin rejuvenation remedies can do the trick. That way you will be certain about its naturalness and that it can’t do you any harm.

It is advised to drink lemon water once or twice a week to increase the intake of vitamin C or simply to use lemon remedies as a gentle abrasives for removing age spots. Try exfoliating your skin using apricot scrubs, or search some alternative recipes to use what you already have in your home. Smoother skin is the result you will get with exfoliation because that way you will remove all the dead skin cells while cleaning oily skin.

Think about alternatives

On the other hand if your skin is in a bad condition because of acne or if too much sun has left its mark, maybe laser skin resurfacing is the right answer for you. The process is beneficial for the skin since the laser remove damaged parts and stimulate forming new skin cells. During healing, tighter surface is created which will give you a younger look.

Also consider the BBL (broad band light) treatment for rejuvenating your skin. Many different conditions such as vascular, can be targeted and eliminated using wavelengths. This way the light penetrates the dermis and stimulates the body using heating effect. As a result your skin produces new collagen that makes it look plump. Consulting with the experts from the Silkwood Medical will give you the whole idea about the procedure.

Finally, all of these suggestions will influence various aspects of your life, not only your health. Being satisfied with the way you look, almost always have an impact on individual’s appearance as well. Therefore if your skin is beautiful you will feel more pleased and energized to face the daily routine.

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