A Healthy Glow: Keeping That Summer Tan Into Fall

Now, there’s still plenty of summer left to go, but as the kids start going back to school and adults return to work, the opportunities to spend long days in the sunshine are rapidly fading. Whether you’ve yet to have your summer vacation or you’ve recently returned, you’ll be hoping that you’re able to keep your healthy, sun-kissed skin for as long as possible, especially as we know that the long fall and winter months are on their way. The good news is that you don’t have to accept your pale look: you can take steps to ensure your bronzed skin last for as long as possible, simply by following a few simple steps. Take our advice below, and you’ll have friends and colleagues asking “Have you been to the beach again?”

Before You Go

This won’t be much help if you’ve just touched down from your week soaking up the rays, but if you’re about to go, then there are things you can before you start tanning that’ll help keep it for longer. Before you hit the beach, you’ll want to make sure it’s new skin cells that are getting all the rays – not the ones that are already on their way out. In the week in the build up to your getaway, exfoliate your skin. You’ll be scrubbing away the old, lifeless skin cells and making way for the cells that’ll be around for 2-3 weeks. Keep exfoliating when you’re on your vacation for a deeper, longer lasting tan.


As You Tan

If you’re only going to be in the sunshine for a week or so, then your first thought might be to head out in the morning, lay yourself down in the sun, and let that big ball of fire do its magic. Big mistake. If you overexpose your skin to the sun, your skin will not be happy – it’ll realize something is amiss and start to repair itself even before you’ve built up a tan. Start small, and gradually work your way up to spending more time in the sun. Also, never undervalue just how important sunscreen lotion is! It’ll stop you from getting burned, and thus peeling, which will get rid of your tan in a matter of days.


The Number One Rule

During the tanning process and beyond, it’s imperative that you’re ensuring your skin is well-moisturized. Dry skin cells will fall away in no time at all; healthy, moisturized skin cells will stick around much longer! Invest in a moisturizer, and you’ll have that healthy brown look long after you’ve touched down and arrived home. Hyaluronic acid serum replenishes and retains an abundance of moisture, and is also suitable for all skin types. It’s when the skin dries out that the peeling begins, so prevent that from happening by ensuring your skin has all the moisture it needs.


Topping It Up

Now, we’d like to be able to say that ‘topping it up’ means ‘go another vacation’, but that’s just not feasible for most people. But what is achievable for everyone is fake tan. It’s much easier to have a natural tanned look even if it’s half real, half fake than it is if you’re using fake tan from a pale beginning.


Trick of the Eye

Try as you might, your tan will eventually fade. Even if you can maintain that glow for a few more weeks, it might not be quite as intense as when you first arrived home. This is where a bit of psychology comes into play. Instead of wearing dark clothing, wear light layers. Whites, creams, and other light colors will make your skin look darker by contrast. Also, standing by a person who wasn’t able to hit the beach this summer will make you look more tanned by comparison!


Plenty of Water

Along with moisturizing your skin, make sure you’re moisturizing your insides by taking in a lot of water. Your tan will last longer if you’re drinking glass after glass of water as opposed to sugary and caffeine based drinks. If you find drinking water a challenge (because it’s tasteless), then opt for water based foods, such as watermelon, cucumber, and lettuce based salads.


Avoid Harsh Treatments

Putting your skin through the ringer will make it dry out and will hasten the cell rejuvenation process. When you shower, keep the warm cool – scolding hot water will do much damage to your skin. Also, avoid those long, windy walks. Keeping your skin safe is the perfect excuse to have a few weeks of pampering when you get back from vacation!


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