Moisturizing – The Perfect Protector of Skin After Tanning

Guest post contributed by Nirdesh Singh

You must have always dreamt of flaunting that wonderful tan but have been unable to maintain it for long? Taking care of skin, after tanning, is very important, as the tanning gives better results, and helps in the longevity of tanning. But still wondering how to do it and what increases the lifespan of the tan? Let’s have a look at it.
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A Healthy Glow: Keeping That Summer Tan Into Fall

Now, there’s still plenty of summer left to go, but as the kids start going back to school and adults return to work, the opportunities to spend long days in the sunshine are rapidly fading. Whether you’ve yet to have your summer vacation or you’ve recently returned, you’ll be hoping that you’re able to keep your healthy, sun-kissed skin for as long as possible, especially as we know that the long fall and winter months are on their way. The good news is that you don’t have to accept your pale look: you can take steps to ensure your bronzed skin last for as long as possible, simply by following a few simple steps. Take our advice below, and you’ll have friends and colleagues asking “Have you been to the beach again?”

Before You Go

This won’t be much help if you’ve just touched down from your week soaking up the rays, but if you’re about to go, then there are things you can before you start tanning that’ll help keep it for longer. Before you hit the beach, you’ll want to make sure it’s new skin cells that are getting all the rays – not the ones that are already on their way out. In the week in the build up to your getaway, exfoliate your skin. You’ll be scrubbing away the old, lifeless skin cells and making way for the cells that’ll be around for 2-3 weeks. Keep exfoliating when you’re on your vacation for a deeper, longer lasting tan.

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