Caring For Your Skin: How To Keep It Looking Young And Smooth

Keeping your skin healthy is important as it decreases the number of wrinkles and gives a smooth complexion. If you have bad habits that you need to break, there are a few tips that you can follow to get smooth skin in no time. Sometimes, you might have to seek professional help if remedies you try don’t work. Here are just a few tips to help you get started.


An easy way that you can get healthier skin is to increase the vitamins that are introduced to the body. Vitamin C is one that you want to focus on as it helps to form collagen. Citrus fruits and green vegetables have high amounts of the vitamins that you need for healthy skin.

Up In Smoke

If you smoke on a regular basis, you need to stop or at least cut back as the chemicals in cigarettes damage the collagen that is in the skin. Smoking can cause wrinkles to form as well. You could also see sagging under the eyes and around the corners of the mouth.

Sun Rays

The UVA rays from the sun do nothing but deplete the collagen from the skin. The sun will burn the skin, leaving it red and irritated. This can cause spots to develop along with some of the structures of the skin becoming weakened. Protect the skin with sunblock that has a high SPF value so that your skin remains free of Burns and smooth. Locations like Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists of Moreno Valley can offer treatments for issues relating to sun damage.

Sugary Sweets

When you eat sweets or drink sodas and other beverages with a high sugar content, you don’t allow the skin to breathe as it becomes clogged with impurities. Drink plenty of water to clean the skin from the inside out. The lipids in the foods you eat can enhance the aging process by causing wrinkles to form as well as acne on areas of the face.

Remove Top Layers

If you want to keep the skin clear, then consider using an exfoliant to remove the dead skin layers. This will help to keep the skin fresh and youthful with little effort. A sugar scrub isn’t as invasive on the skin as some of the other peels that you can get. Find a product that is natural so that there is a decrease in redness that might occur.


Caring for the skin begins on the inside of the body. You want to eat the right foods and stay hydrated. Protect the skin from the sun while ensuring that it doesn’t become irritated. That way you can make sure that you are taking the best care of your skin to the best of your abilities.

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