4 Tips When Planning A Family Vacation To Washington DC

One of the most memorable trips that you could make with your family is to Washington, D.C. There are numerous things to discover in the city that is home to politicians and the President of the United States. There is more security in the city, so you need to keep this in mind while driving and walking along the sidewalks to get to various destinations. There are numerous museums where you can learn about almost every aspect of history along with beautiful monuments and cemeteries. You can learn about the politics of the country or enjoy the large selection of different types of food offered. Because of the grid system, it’s easy to travel in the city without driving, making it one of the reasons why many people enjoy visiting this area of the country.


Where To Visit

Before you leave home, make a list of the places you want to visit. It could be the Smithsonian Museum or Mount Vernon. Stop by the Washington Monument or the Holocaust Museum. You can find maps in most hotels and at many of the attractions so that you have an idea of where everything is located in relation to each other. Try to visit a few places each day that you are in the city so that you can see as many attractions as possible. Don’t wear yourself out because you won’t be able to enjoy the time that you have there. Find out about ticket prices and if reservations are required to visit some of the places you want to see.



The hotels in the city are large and close to everything. There are a few hotels on the outskirts of the city that are accommodating in the way of the amenities that they offer and the transportation that is offered from and to airports and the center of the city. Look online to compare prices of hotels and what they offer to families. Many sites have a list of hotels to choose from that you can filter based on what you want to visit and how much you want to spend when deciding where to stay in Washington DC. A travel agent is an option as well. You can book the hotel room in advance along with a car rental or flight at the same time.


Walking At Night

Make plans to visit the monuments at night. It will be a bit more comfortable than going during the day, and the crowds won’t be as long. You can also get stunning pictures with the lights on that accent the features of the monuments. Most of the restaurants stay open later into the evening, making it easier to get something to eat or to enjoy a nice drink. Try to stay clear of the side streets of the city at night along with some of the larger political buildings as there is heightened security at these times.


Comfortable Clothing And Shoes

You want to wear clothing that moves freely and that doesn’t allow you to get too hot. Your shoes should be comfortable as well as you will be doing quite a bit of walking and standing in lines. Many of the monuments have stairs, and if you want to get the best pictures and the best information, then you’ll be making your way up and down quite often.


As soon as you see the city, you’ll know that a trip to Washington, D.C. is one to remember. The architecture of the buildings is stunning along with the layout of the streets. From festivals to historical attractions, you could spend months exploring the centerpiece of the nation.

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