How to Parent & Challenge Your Exceptionally Bright Child

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. When you see that your middle or high schooler has exceptional grades and isn’t being challenged as much as he could be in school, then you need to step up at home and try to offer solutions that will enhance the child’s intellect. There are some teenagers who are simply brighter than others and don’t want to stand out in the class. These are they who enjoy reading, learning about multiple subjects and have a desire to succeed. They often get their work done in a short time and find projects in school exhilarating. When youth who are brighter don’t have a challenge in the classroom, their grades might actually start to slip as they don’t think that their intelligence matters.

Educational Projects

Even if teachers don’t assign projects to complete, you can look up ideas online to give your child a challenge. You can give a date that the project needs to be completed by and a topic that makes them think about a certain area, such as ecology or statistics. Try not to help them, letting them do research at home or at the library to write a report or make a display board that you will look over when the work is completed. Make sure that they complete homework that is assigned in school before working on the project.

The Smart Classes

You’ve probably heard of schools offering classes for those who are advanced. It’s a good idea to check into these classes and request that your teenager be moved to them for various reasons. The work is more difficult than what you would find in the traditional classroom. We’re talking honors, AP and concurrent enrollment. If you’re wondering, “Is there a high school near me that offers such things” and you can’t find any, then consider enrolling your student into an online program that will challenge them.

Busy Days

One of the things that you want to avoid is scheduling too much during the day. If you’re too busy with sports, clubs and other activities, then it can begin to wear thin on teenagers. Instead, focus on one thing that they likes to do, such as a club for school or a favorite sport. They will learn about teamwork along with getting a challenge outside of school. He or she needs to be able to rest and process what is learned during the day without running around so much. Tutoring after school is an option so that they can get one-on-one assistance in advanced subjects.

Have Fun Together

A bright child doesn’t always have to be holding a book in their hand at all times. Yet, many such children do enjoy reading, and so it might be a fun idea to read the same book as them and spend time together discussing the plot and characters. You can also find something to do in the city that you can enjoy together, such as going to a museum or an attraction where you can both learn and that engages his or her interests. However, don’t take away from letting your teenager be just like any other teenager out there either. If they would like to go biking or swimming, then that would be a great activity to do together as well.

Catering to a bright youth can sometimes be a challenge—especially if you aren’t on the same level. Talk to the school about advanced classes as this can put your child with students who want to learn just as much as they do. Offer encouragement and inspiration to succeed in life, and make sure that they know that it is perfectly okay that they are as intelligent as they are.

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