How to Turn a Fun Scavenger Hunt into a Community Cleanup Project

Many neighborhoods have at least one section that could use a little cleaning. So, why not cleanup the neighborhood with a fun scavenger hunt! Here is how to do it by getting the whole family involved.

Choose a location

The first thing you need to decide on is which area of your neighborhood needs cleaning. If there is more than one area, choose the one that needs the cleaning the most. If you can’t think of any places right away, ask your neighbors if they know of areas that need cleaning. You can also take a drive around the area to scout out places that could use some cleaning.

Gather materials needed

Before you head out on your neighborhood journey, you will need to gather some handy supplies first. You will need some type of gloves since you will be picking up trash. You can use work gloves, rubber gloves or any other type of gloves you have at home. You will also need large trash bags to put the garbage in, a scavenger hunt checklist (see below) and hand sanitizer.

Create a scavenger hunt list

Make a list of items to find and toss in the trash bags. You can give each person 2 points for each item they find and throw away and an additional 5 points for finding all the items. Item suggestions: soda can, juice box, water bottle, candy wrapper, snack wrapper, flyer, plastic utensil, cigarette butt, fast food wrapper, glass bottle, plastic bag, cardboard, bottle cap, plastic drinking straw and Styrofoam cup.

Start cleaning

Now it’s time to head out and start cleaning. Give each child a checklist with the items listed along with a pencil or pen so they can cross things off the list as they find them and a couple of trash bags to get started. Make sure each child starts the hunt in different directions so one person doesn’t collect all the trash before another person gets there. Then, just set a time limit of 30 minutes or so and let them loose.

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