Rings… The Easiest Way To Up Your Style

Rings have been the top most favourite jewellery of women. They add so much style to your look without putting any effort into it. From being worn as a sign of marital status to being a fashion accessory… rings have come a long way.

Gold rings for women are the top preference. Gold rings start at a more affordable price that diamond rings for women. Stacking up on gold rings is a very common practice for women who love accessorising. Did you know gold rings for girls come in three different shades? They are Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold. Yellow gold is something that Indians drool over whereas white gold has gained a lot of eyeballs as it’s a budget replacement of platinum. Rose Gold has won hearts in the western culture and in engagement rings. A famous type of ring that women wear nowadays is bands. Bands have the same width all along the circumference of the ring. Not just women, even men wear a lot of bands. Gold coloured rings make quite a stylish fashion accessory and have formed a trend that is here to stay.

Diamond rings, on the other hand, have always been a weak spot for women. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and they can’t seem to depart from their bestie. Diamonds not only come in the form of stunning engagement and proposal rings but also as eternity rings, gap rings, cocktail rings and three stone rings. Eternity rings are those that have a repetitive design throughout the length of the ring. There’s also a concept of half eternity ring wherein the design is repeated for half of the length of the ring. Gap rings are those that don’t have a complete shank. These are simply a blessing to own as you can wear it in any finger you feel. Cocktail rings are big and bold rings that are worn as a statement piece. Three stone rings, as the name suggests, have three significant diamonds (or gemstones) on the ring.  

Other fancy ring designs are two finger rings, broad rings, multi-stone rings and flexi rings. Two finger rings are meant to fit into two fingers and the design spreads over two or more fingers. Broad rings are wider than normal rings, however, they taper towards the back side of the finger. Multi-stone rings have more than a single stone. They usually include a bunch of stones. Flexi rings are the latest type of rings that have taken the market by storm.

The most common type ring used in proposal is solitaire rings or three stone rings. Rings with a solitaire above 50cents (0.50 carat) is considered as solitaire rings. They are usually crafted in White gold or Rose Gold. The rosy hue or the shiny white complements the mood as much as it does to the solitaire in the ring.


Go get yourself a fine ring to flaunt every day. What’s your favourite category of rings? Do share with us in the comments below.

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