All You Need To Know About the Princess Cut

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Diamonds are a lot more than a girl’s best friend and as you would expect, there are many different cuts used in the gemstone industry. The Princess Cut, or ‘square modified brilliant’, as it is technically known, is a very popular cut used for engagement rings and its origins are intriguing.

The Princess Cut was created by 3 people: Ambar, Periman, and Itzkowitz, who, in 1980, developed this square design that resembles an inverted pyramid. When viewed from above, the 4 beveled sides form the X shape that this cut is known for.

The Princess Cut is the second most popular engagement ring, right behind the Brilliant Round Cut. Since the 1990s, this cut steadily gained popularity throughout the early 2000s and if you are looking to create a stunning square princess cut engagement ring, contact a leading custom jeweller who has all the solutions. If you haven’t found one to help you craft your engagement ring from scratch, a quick online search should lead you to a jeweller nearest your location who specialises in engagement rings.

Centre Diamond With Halo Setting

A central Princess Cut stone in a setting of smaller round cut diamonds is one of the trending engagement ring designs that women have been choosing. If you would like this style for your engagement ring, seek out a leading jewellery maker and with their help, you can choose the raw diamonds. After working on your design concept, let the jeweller do his magic and the perfect engagement ring awaits.

Prong Settings

The best way to secure a square diamond is to have 4 prongs on each corner; the prongs actually protect the corners of the stone, which happen to be places that easily chip. A length-to-width ratio of 1.05 looks square to the naked eye and with a prong setting, the central stone is secure.

Designing An Engagement Ring From Scratch

When you enlist the help of a custom jeweller, the following aspects are discussed:

  • The metal used
  • The gemstones and cuts
  • The setting
  • The style

The jeweller uses state-of-the-art computer imaging software to design the ring and it is normal to have some minor adjustments here and there. The jewellery maker has a wealth of hands-on experience in both design and fabrication; he can tell you what is practical and what is not, plus the custom jeweller is happy to work to your budget.

Choosing Raw Diamonds

The bespoke jeweller can look at an uncut diamond and picture how it would look if a specific cut were used; for the Princess Cut, it is important to select a stone that is suitable for this square cut. You can trust the gemstone expert when it comes to raw stone selection and your dream diamond engagement ring is the result of careful planning.

Maximum Fire & Brilliance

image by Sabrianna | Unsplash

The Princess Cut brings out the maximum fire and brilliance of a quality diamond, which is one of the reasons it is so popular with engagement rings. A skilled custom jeweller can select the best cut for your diamond engagement ring and with your input, the perfect diamond engagement ring awaits.

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