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The legacy of the silver cross began in 1877 by the pioneer entry made by William Wilson in the production of a baby carriage. It had a crafty spring system mingled with the reversible hood on the wheels. This new entrant in the market was first of its kind a modern silver cross pram. Many more versions were to follow.

Silver Cross is the UK based firm. The company is situated at Skipton in North Yorkshire. All socio-economic groups use its coach-built prams. The company has sale outlets and supply for more than 50 countries. It is the oldest nursery brand globally. It is famous for its popular coach-built baby carriage.

The silver cross was privileged when it received Royal Warrant to produce a pram at the beginning of the 20th century.  The first pram was equipped for King George VI. Later Princess Grace of Monaco used the product followed by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip for Prince Charles. Silver cross has the distinction of supplying prams to royalty globally as coach-built products and contemporary products.

The modern pram collection of Silver Cross has 3-in-1 combination pram arrangements. The pram can be transformed from lie flat pram into a pushchair, and travel structure along with a baby car seat. The company also manufactures infant car seats, weightless umbrella foldable pushchairs, travel system, strollers, car seats, furniture for the nursery, nursery beddings with decorative items, gifts, and spectrum of toys and stuffed toys, nursery furniture, and prams. In 2013 partnership was signed with UK automotive brand Aston Martin to bring out Surf pram as well as a pushchair. The pushchair was equipped with alloy wheels, leather handle and suede seats. It was supplied all over the world in a limited edition. It is a brand you can trust for your baby. It is a trusted household name with its dependable performance.

The company has gathered fame and position by its excellence in quality craftsmanship and pattern and as evolved as the industry’s biggest exporter globally.  During the mid-1900s the company became famous for bringing forth the world’s unique and fashionable baby coaches named Rolls Royce prams. Since 1960s Silver Cross had rooted itself as UK’s leading pram producer, it maintained the production of classic coach prams and came up with novel designs based on the demands of the market.  This catered to the modern family’s appeal. By this time the company had become a household name. The families cherished and found them credible and dependable world over.

It was in 1980s parent’s searched for lighter and adjustable pushchairs. The Silver Cross Wayfarer highlighted exclusive reversible seat unit. The new model was immediately in circulation and became so favored that more than one million units were sold in a short period. As of now, the company’s products are sold in 70 countries globally. Silver Cross has regional offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Melbourne, and Barcelona. Baby store is established in many regions including one in Shanghai.  This is the global expansion of the company.

In present times also Silver Cross is situated at Yorkshire, England. The company brings out researched based innovative prams and other nursery items on a regular basis.  We want babies to have the best start in life. We are appreciative of the fact more than 10 million parents have chosen our products to extend comfortable growing years to their babies.  The company stands on the principle of William. Steadfast quality, assiduous craftsmanship and practical design with minimum repair load. The range of products is special and unique. The traditional handmade carriages are still in production because of demand — practical and refined travel systems and always evolving pushchair.

Clients can place an order on our website. The website is well illustrated with prams, pushchair, nursery items, car seats, gifts, and other accessories. In-store shopping through retailers and inspection of the actual product and expert advice is another way of shopping.  Client satisfaction is our motto.

Contributed by Ryan Holman

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