4 Resources You Might Need After a Death in the Family

When someone in your family has passed, the list of things to do can be overwhelming. During those first days, all you can really handle is to deal with funeral plans. However, in the coming days and weeks, think about these other resources you will need in order to cover everything that needs to be done.

Insurance Assistance

If your family member had life insurance, it’s important to get started right away on filing claims to receive the money. There may be a number of steps involved in getting everything finalized, so it’s important not to assume that the money can be received quickly. Get started as soon as possible so that the money arrives quickly.

Unfortunately, not every death is from natural causes. There may have been reckless or wanton behavior by someone else that contributed to or caused your loved one’s death. When there are bills to pay, children to support, or other financial concerns, it’s critical that you take action immediately by contacting a wrongful death attorney to get your loved one’s estate the money it is entitled to receive.

Retirement & Investment Experts

Another important source of money for your family member’s estate is the financial holdings he or she had. Public pensions, 401k accounts, IRA’s, and investments like stocks and bonds could all be in the conversation. Properly completing the process of liquidating those resources (or transferring ownership to the heirs) is, like insurance, a multi-step process that should be started as soon as possible.

Law Enforcement

The cause of your loved one’s death may not be a civil matter. It could actually be criminal. Depending on the medical examiner’s opinion of events, there is a possibility that someone may have deliberately contributed to your loved one’s death. Be sure to provide all information to the police as the investigation progresses so that justice can be served. Be prepared to answer some difficult questions to make sure the full truth comes out.

The grieving process is always everyone’s first priority. Taking care of your loved one’s final farewell and supporting one another through this difficult time is always the most important thing. Once those steps are complete, it can actually be very therapeutic to work on the estate, legal concerns, and any investigation process. It gives you the opportunity to help your family member and allows you to keep your focus on him or her by completing those final tasks.

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