How to Choose a Car That Fits Your Family’s Needs

When your family’s current car reaches the end of its life, it will be time to consider replacing it with a newer model. Through the years of owning your current vehicle, you might have noticed things you didn’t like about the vehicle. As you shop for your next car, SUV, or truck, consider the factors that are the most important to you and your family.

Consider the Mileage

One of the things you’ll have to consider before you start browsing the lot at a local dealership, such as the Mitsubishi Dealership in Baton Rouge is how you’ll use your new vehicle. If you’re just going to be driving around town, gas mileage may not be a big concern. After all, you won’t use much gas as you run local errands or drive your kids to school.

However, commuting several miles to work or driving a teen child around to sports tournaments will change matters. If you anticipate spending more time driving the highways, you should look for a vehicle that offers more miles to the gallon. If you do a great deal of driving, fuel efficiency may be your biggest concern.

Passenger Space is a Vital Consideration

It’s also important to consider how much passenger space you will need. If you have children and pets, you’ll need more seating. Discuss your future plans with your spouse or partner to determine whether or not you’ll be growing your family. You might also need more passenger space if you want to set up a carpool with other parents in your community. You might want more seating in a new vehicle if you often give rides to friends or family members. When you need more passenger space, choose a sedan or SUV over a coupe or pickup truck.

Know if Cargo Space Will Be a Concern

When choosing a new family vehicle, you’ll also want to think about how and when you’ll need cargo space. If the only time you anticipate needing cargo space is for your weekly grocery shopping trip, an average-sized trunk may suffice. However, there are many situations in which you’ll want the extra cargo space that an SUV or truck provides. For example, if you enjoy outdoor activities, you’ll need more space for camping equipment, hunting and fishing supplies, or hiking gear. If you have children, each of them may be involved in sports, theater, or music. That means you will need more cargo space for musical instruments, sporting goods, or other types of equipment.

Interior Design May Be Important

Aside from deciding whether or not you like the color of the fabric or vinyl, you may not pay much notice to the interior design of your vehicle. As you shop for a new vehicle, it makes sense to make this a bigger priority. If you have young children or pets, think about the challenge of cleaning up messes. Whether a child spills their drink or a pet gets carsick, a vinyl surface will be easier to wipe clean. It will also be easier to clean pet hair out of a car with vinyl seats. Rather than having to spend money on weekly upholstery cleaning, it’s just easier to avoid vehicles with cloth seating.

Don’t Forget About Safety and Entertainment

Every year, there are advancements in auto safety. Take the time to learn about the latest improvements and look for vehicles with those features. You’ll keep your family safer and you may be able to get discounts on your auto insurance premiums. One example is automatic emergency braking, which activates the brakes as soon as sensors indicate that the vehicle ahead of you has stopped abruptly. You should also look for vehicles that offer more entertainment options, such as seat-back tablets, DVD players, and headphone jacks. These extra features can make a big difference when your family is taking an extended road trip.


As you shop for a car that meets the needs of your family, keep your options open. While an SUV might work, you may find that a pickup truck is the better choice for your situation. You should also consider how your family’s needs will change within the next five years. If you plan to adopt a pet or have another child, you’ll want a vehicle that will fit those future needs.

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