4 Ways to Make Your Home a Personal Sanctuary for Relaxation

If you can’t relax at home, it becomes a question of if you can relax anywhere. This isn’t meant to be dramatic but to points to how important it is for homes to be a place of relaxation. If you’re not able to unwind in your home, there are some things you can do. These are four ways you can make your home a personal sanctuary for relaxation.


Pleasant aromas can do wonders for your home. If you want to feel at peace when you wake up and when you come home, get some scented candles or burn things like sage and incense. You can also use a diffuser to help spread a scent all around your home. It’s also important to make sure that you keep your home clean and throw out food before it spoils. The smell is one of our strongest senses, and it shouldn’t go to waste.

Set up a Clarity Space

There’s so much around us that’s distracting and keeping us from achieving true peace of mind. Your home is likely full of things, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a little space? Set up a sanctuary that is specifically for mental clarity and stability. This can be an entire room, or if you have limited space, just a section of another room, such as your bedroom. You can use this for mindful practices such as meditation and yoga. Cultivate it in such a way that you feel calm just by looking at it. You could put up photos of loved ones and play relaxing music in the space.

Spa-Like Bathroom

Taking a bath is relaxing, but taking a bath in whirlpool tubs can take you to the next level of relaxation. The jets will help you to wind down and relieve sore muscles. If you had a long day, you can look forward to slipping into your tub, perhaps with a favorite book in your hand or some of your favorite music. Look for other products to add to your bath relaxation, such as bubble bath and bath beads.


Minimalism has become a great source of therapy for people all over the world. By taking a less-is-more approach, people are able to feel like they are no longer being controlled by their possessions. To start with your path to minimalism, go through your items and decide what should be kept and what you can get rid of. This will help you to not feel so overwhelmed by how much you have and appreciate the things in life that really matter.


Your home doesn’t have to be a day spa for you to feel relaxed in it. A few modifications and a little bit of investing can make you enjoy your living space so much more. By following these steps, your home can become a sanctuary.

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