Parenting Tips On How to Raise A Smart Child

Guest post contributed by  Sean Lockwood

Childhood is essential for the intellectual development of any individual. In this critical phase, the brain develops quickly and it soaks in a tremendous amount of input. The loving connection that kids forms with parents as well as perpetual interaction lays the foundations for higher thinking skills later down the road. There are many other ingredients that you have to add to the mix, but here are some tried and tested methods of supporting the kid’s growth.

A vivid world of stimuli

Some kids are more talented than the others, but with proper care, they can all learn and hone their skills. For example, exposing kids to music and arts boosts their creativity and encourages them to use imagination to interpret and understand the world around them. The music alone is said to improve memory, motivation, learning capacity, and attention span. On the other hand, watching TV does distract children from more fruitful activities, which is why it is not advisable for those under 2 years old.

Early birds

It is never too early to kick off the learning process. In fact, reputable scientists claim that it should start in the crib. Parents need to talk, sing, and gesture a lot in the presence of a child. Likewise, the kids can benefit from their parents reading to them, even if they do not understand a single word. Apart from the development of language skills, this is something that enables them to acquire a lifelong interest for reading and perform better in school.

Learning through play

Furthermore, it helps to play number games and encourage three-dimensional competency. In this context, learning through play is learning at its finest. As a matter of fact, any kind of playful interaction is likely to produce a long-term positive effect. Choose toys that are not the most expensive, but those that permit children to play in various creative ways. This spurs the growth of vivid imagination. Also, there is no need to avoid video games as long as they serve an educational purpose.

Give them attention

Studies have shown that babies that are cuddled, played with, and love tend to have stronger brain growth. In other words, they are able to make the most of social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth. So, give your kid the attention it deserves and maximizes the chances of it becoming a fully developed individual. You will empower it to later grasp complexities of mathematics, history, mechanics, and other sciences.

Lessons for life

At one point, you might want to consider private lessons, which are a great way to allow the kid to acquire knowledge, develop interests, and gain a sense of direction. Nowadays, finding a suitable tuition teacher is as simple as it gets and once can utilize the internet to do this. As a parent, you should recognize what the child is interested and motivated for. Push him or her in the right direction and plant the seeds for future success.

Physical aspect

Many parents make the mistake of neglecting physical exercise. They are not aware that kids become not only stronger this way, but also smarter. Namely, physical activity is proven to increase the flow of blood to the brain and facilitate the buildup of new brain cells. That is why kids who perform workout and engage in sports show more signs of mental sharpness and exhibit swift decision-making in the adulthood.

A parental example

At last, bear in mind that kids often learn by mimicking adult behavior. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to set the right example. You could say that both parents and their children learn a lot about the world and themselves. Oh, and do not overlook the aspect of good eating and sleeping habits. There is a strong correlation between them and success in life, school, and professional career. So, embrace a holistic approach and steer away from too much micromanaging.

Growing pains and gains

How you support your child in the early stages of development has a profound impact on their adult life. Make sure to harness the power of colors, shapes, music, art, words, letters, and everything that can help the small mind grow. Rely on scientifically-backed techniques and practices and encourage your child blend learning with fun. All in all, you should strive to cultivate a strong love for learning to give your child a head start.

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