Parenting a Teen? 4 Lessons to Teach Your Kids Before They Start Driving

One of the biggest rites of passage for a kid is learning how to drive. As a parent of a teenager, it might be scary to think of them taking the wheel, but it’s a greatly important skill for them to have. These are four lessons to teach your kids before they start driving.

Maintaining proper distance

The primary objective of teaching your teen how to drive is showing them to avoid accidents. To avoid tailgating and rear-ending, your teen needs to know how to maintain a proper distance. They should adhere to the speed limit and notice when they’re getting too close to any cars ahead of them. If they do end up hitting or getting hit by someone, they need to know what to do. Make sure they know to make sure everyone is safe and exchange insurance information. They should also get in touch with a traffic law attorney to help them handle the case.

Parallel parking

Parallel parking is a driving skill that too many have no idea how to perform properly. Those who can parallel park aren’t any smarter than anyone else. They just know the benefits of practice. When driving with your teen, find opportunities to demonstrate all the stages of parallel parking, from lining up with the car you’re going to be parking behind to turning the wheel at the right time.


Interstate driving can be some of the most intense driving your teen experiences. Improper merging can be the cause of many accidents on the interstate. Your teen needs to know all the merging process. They should be aware of getting up to highway speed and checking over their shoulder for when they can safely merge over.

Handling inclement weather

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a climate with perpetual sunshine, your teen needs to know how to handle rough weather conditions. If conditions are bad and your teen is at home, it’s advisable to stay home. However, if there’s a sudden snowfall or rainstorm when they’re coming home, they need to know what to do. They should know about reducing speed, using their lights and how to get out of a skid.

All drivers have to start from the bottom and work their way up. Your teen is going to make mistakes and have some struggles when learning how to drive. As a parent, it’s your duty to provide mentoring and encouragement to them. To have them become the best drivers they can possibly be, you must be willing to teach them.

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