Online Tutoring: The Role of the Parent

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As a parent, you always want your children to get better education throughout their academic careers. So, they look for different tutoring options to provide them with supplementary support to help them achieve their academic goals. But, parents have a key role to play. In this article, we will discuss the role of a parent in the process of online tutoring. What can you do to improve your child’s performance in tutoring and the classroom? 

Since virtual learning is evolving with time and digital tools are being used, signing up for an online tutoring platform is the perfect option to supplement a child’s education. With the ability to access the platform anytime, students can fit their tutoring sessions into their busy schedules.

Help Set a Positive Attitude about Tutoring

Your attitude towards the tutoring process can significantly influence your child’s learning perspective. Tutoring isn’t a punishment, nor is it something that takes away from other activities. Instead, tutoring can be an opportunity to support your child and build a healthy relationship. Set up a positive and welcoming environment for your children’s online lessons. So make them a priority, just as you would with other extracurricular activities. Tutoring and role of parents both have positive significance in this regard. 

Keep Notice of Your Child’s Progress

Keep in touch with your child’s tutor. Be aware of the improvement they’re making in the classroom. Does your child appear to be doing exceptionally well in the class? Hence you might discuss these issues with your child’s teacher. In this way, you determine the solution to help your child do better in class.

Additionally, as a parent, you also have access to the child’s academic records, grades and assignments. Your online tutor will not know how your child’s doing in class unless you inform them. Keep the tutor updated on your child’s academic comprehension and grades. 

However, it is important to communicate with the tutor when your child requires additional assistance in different subjects. Thus tutoring with the effective role of parents can be proven as a helping hand for students in every stage of learning.

Engage With Your Child Tutoring Sessions

The tutoring presents different strategies to improve the child’s knowledge. You can speak with your tutor to understand the methods. For instance, you’ve got a teacher who introduces you to a brand new reading strategy that is working exceptionally well. So if you aren’t aware of this strategy, you won’t be able to use it in your child’s reading homework! 

Suppose you follow a strategy that will benefit your child’s tutoring needs. In that case, you will be able to guide them in their homework assignments after tutoring hours. Therefore you also give additional feedback to assist your child’s teacher in supporting their learning in the classroom.

Furthermore, you’ve got an adult child at home, such as an elementary or middle school student. You may be interested in checking in to observe how they talk about strategies you could keep in mind. Still, you may not have to be as involved in the discussions. 

Whatever age your child is, it is important to keep their tutoring sessions focused on the positive learning experience. Online tutoring can be quite helpful in making your child a confident learner. 

Make sure you focus on your child’s education throughout the entire session and inspire them to use effective methods. Also, equip them with skills to tackle challenges rather than giving up.

Make a Plan for Your Child’s Future Learning Requirements

You are aware of your child’s dreams for the future. Tutoring and the role of parents in it are very important in a child’s learning process. For an elementary school child, this could range from getting them prepared in areas they are struggling in. It also offers the chance to learn more about subjects they generally excel in. As your child enters high school, they might start thinking about desired schools or the studies they want to pursue. So, you can develop a plan to meet your child’s learning goals and requirements. This plan should include lessons in the classroom or tutoring sessions and more.


Tutoring and the role of parents are integral components of the learning experience. Your child is your best advocate. So if you take advantage of this role, you can prepare your child for higher levels of academic success. Consider your role as the first crucial step in your child’s tutoring journey. So, be there and make a change!


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