Nosy Neighbors? 4 Simple Ways to Improve the Privacy in Your Backyard

Many homeowners love spending time on their patios or in their backyards to enjoy leisure activities and entertain guests. But if your home sits close to nearby houses, the neighbors might take a peek now and then on your outdoor activities. Here are some ways to maintain your personal privacy.

Protect Your Windows

For rooms in your house that face the backyard where people can peer inside, install window blinds or use draperies that can be drawn when the room is not being used. You can also install awnings to help shield the windows from nearby observers. Lighting switched to low or dim at night or when not in use can keep viewers from seeing much of anything if they are able to look into the home.

Plant Shrubs

Considering planting shrubs that are close to adult size. Year-round evergreens are easy to maintain, while flowering shrubs offer color and scent during the blooming season. Shrubs that line your property’s lawn will deter people from trying to enter your property or even get close because the shrubs will block their view. Pesky individuals who try to enter your backyard by walking around or between the shrubs will be readily noticeable, and they are less likely to do so due to insects, dust, and pollen on the shrubs getting onto their clothing.

Install Fencing

For more persistent peepers, you can put up a fence to keep out trespassers. Wood and chain link fencing are popular options for any reason, and they can be particularly effective in providing a solid boundary to deter intruders. Fences also help to keep stray pets and wildlife away while securing your property for personal use without feeling spied on.

Enclose Your Patio

For complete privacy, you may want to enclose your patio or outdoor eating area to separate it from the yard and surrounding areas. With windows that can be darkened or shuttered, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, indoors and outdoors, and still have privacy. You can also enclose a smaller area with lawn chairs, a picnic table, or a glider to keep outsiders away while you savor the privacy of your property.

Everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their own home without being concerned that neighbors are peering in to see what you’re doing. The above options provide options that allow you to enjoy your home in privacy and seclusion.

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