Curtains Blinds or Shades? How to Match the Window Treatment to the Room

Windows are the eyes of a home, allowing residents to look out while letting sunlight in. Accenting your windows can add a beautiful dimension to each room’s design and style. Here are some popular decorating options to consider when matching the look of your windows to each room.

Curtains or Draperies

To focus attention on the windows themselves, curtains or draperies may be the best choice of window treatment. Traditional lightweight curtains in the kitchen and bathroom add a colorful accent. Kitchen curtains can be tied back for a different look as well as admitting more light into the room, while bathroom curtains are usually kept closed for privacy. Heavier drapes, window-length or full-length, often add a more decorous feel to spaces like the living room, family room, or dining room.

Window Blinds

Vertical or horizontal blinds have been around a long time and have still not worn out their welcome. For children’s safety purposes, you can now buy cordless blinds with or without slats that open and close. These come in all sizes and colors, ready to buy or custom-trimmed to match any room in the house, including patio doors and picture windows. They are typically made of vinyl or faux wood and are generally not too expensive while being fairly easy to install. Adjustable blinds that can be opened or raised to let in light when desired are popular in living spaces, while blinds without slats that can be raised or lowered work well in bedrooms.


The classic tan pull-shade on a roller has evolved to be available in more styles these days. Window shades come in a variety of styles and colors that can be coordinated to complement your room décor. Shades can be ordered or purchased to fit all or part of the window. Room-darkening shades help to filter light and keep bedrooms dark for those who need to sleep during the day. This option is lighter-weight than drapes or even curtains and is often used in a home office, family entertainment area, or other rooms that don’t necessarily need a frilly or elegant window treatment.


For a simple nod to traditional window coverings, a basic horizontal valance over the top or midpoint of a window provides a fabric accent in colors or patterns that go with the overall room. They can be subtle or eye-catching, depending on the desired effect.

Window dressings add a unique touch to every room in the house. Decide which type best coordinates with each room’s purpose and décor to streamline the overall effect of your window covering designs.

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