The No-Makeup Trend: The Surprising Power of a Natural Look

After keeping a close watch on this year’s fashion weeks as well as the current trends that have taken over such platforms like Instagram and beauty blogs, the verdict is in – the no-makeup look is the reigning look of the season. Who knows whether the trend was set by fashion designers or inspirational figures like Alicia Keys, but we’re definitely glad it’s here, alive and in minimum to no coverage.

Regardless of the factors responsible for sparking this trend, it’s great to see girls turning to it, and fostering a natural, honest and radiant look that lets their true nature and confidence shine through. It’s truly amazing how liberating and empowering baring it all can be. Still, in order to attain the levels of confidence to rock the no makeup look, there are certain prerequisites, so stay tuned and find out how to unleash the bare-faced goddess within.

Upgrade your skincare game

In order to proudly and honestly walk out the door with a genuine ‘woke up like this’ face, you need to bring your skincare game to a whole new level. Covering imperfections is so passé, not to mention that it’s far simpler to nourish your face to perfection so you have nothing to conceal in the first place.

Now, the best possible route to take is the natural and organic one. With natural skincare products, what you see is what you get – no hidden chemicals that can harm your skin, only amazing benefits to reap.

It’s paramount to invest in quality cleansers, never skip on SPF, and always keep the skin hydrated. Regular and abundant water intake is incredibly beneficial for a healthy and glowing complexion, but don’t let the benefits of a great moisturizer slip your mind. Moisturizer might just be one of the most important weapons in your skincare arsenal, so choose it wisely and according to your skin type and needs.

Show additional love and devotion to your precious skin by exfoliating and masking two to three times a week. These two little rituals will ensure your skin is purified, clear of dead cells and ready to produce new collagen. One thing to bear in mind is to not over-exfoliate and not do it overzealously, as it can be highly counter effective and cause irritation and inflammation. Even if you’re battling oily and acne prone skin, a gentle approach is crucial, otherwise you risk dehydrating your skin, which will definitely not contribute to radiance.

Bonus tip: skin serums are your friend. They can carry up to 70% of active ingredients, which essentially makes a serum the highest concentrate you can get over the counter, and the effect they have on this skin are simply pure magic – they’re like a cashmere shawl for the skin.  

Pampered and ready

Ok, now that you’re all set in the nourishing department, it’s time to play with a hint of makeup. Since your skin is practically flawless at this point, instead of turning to heavy foundations and makeup, your goal is to focus on your most beloved and prominent features and accentuate them subtly and naturally. This is where a great luminous BB cream or a light foundation, something along the lines of the Pola Silfique Cream Foundation comes in to save the day. It’s light and it gives the skin that elusive natural looking glow, and that’s precisely what you need for a no-makeup makeup look. A light touch of cream blush will help you achieve the coveted look as it will give you that healthy rosiness that we all want.

Natural brows are definitely one of the most dominant elements of the no-makeup look, so just brush them and fill in the blanks for a natural look. Grace your lips with a sheer lip gloss to highlight the natural color and add plumpness (and achieve the super-kissable effect. A coat of mascara and just a touch of a shimmery pearly beige eye shadow across the lid and in the inner corner will give you that open and fresh look of the eyes, and voila, you’re all set and ready to go.

One thing not to leave at the door

Yes, a cute outfit is definitely a bonus, but the thing not to forget by the front door is confidence. Subtle makeup that brings out the best of your natural beauty is great, but, as corny as it may sound, your confidence, kindness, and a wide smile is the cherry on the sundae and a quality you should always remember to carry with you. Love every freckle, every flaw, wear it proudly because your little imperfections are precisely the things that make you you.

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