Necessary Foods To Serve at Your Dinner Party

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When it comes to a dinner party, guests will not remember what napkins you used or the flowers in the centerpiece. They will remember the food. Here are the essentials needed for a successful dinner party.


The best thing a host can do when guests arrive is to offer them something to drink and a bite to eat. This will help your guests to feel relaxed and welcomed. The type of appetizer depends on the party. It can be a simple cheese platter filled with brie, muenster, Manchego, and aged cheddar, or finger foods, including smoke salmon, shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, and more.

Salad And Soup Course

Whether you plan a sit-down meal or a casual fun party, keeping the food coming is essential. After everyone arrives and has had a moment to settle in, it is time for the salad and soup course. First, let’s note you do not need to serve them both. You can serve a mixed Asian salad or a beet salad with goat cheese and move on to the main course. If you would like to serve soup, there are many choices. Favorites include French onion soup, lobster bisque, and spicy tomato soup.


Bread is something that gets overlooked at dinner parties. Many people throw some rolls into a basket and move on. However, consider a French baguette loaf. It is a little more sophisticated and can be served in several ways. It can be sliced and served with dipping oil or cut into smaller loaves, so each dinner guest gets a small loaf of bread. Guests can dip their bread into their soup or butter it and enjoy it at the meal.

The Main Course

Whether the main course is meat, seafood, or pasta is up to you to decide. Consider the type of party you are having. Beef Wellington will be a show-stopper for a fancy party. For a less formal affair, chicken, beef, lamb, or shrimp kabobs served with rice will be an excellent meal.

Sweets and Treats

Regardless of how formal or informal your dinner party is, ending the dinner with dessert is a must. This is where you can have a bit of fun. You can make a simple ice cream sundae buffet to a candy theme charcuterie board.

Planning the essential food items will guarantee a successful party. Your guests will appreciate your effort in making food selections everyone will enjoy. They will remember the food for a long time.

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