My First Surprise: A Birthday Present

As a young woman, working in Singapore away from my family and friends back in U.S., adapting to life in a new country has been a real challenge for me! From food to the way of life and everything in between, I was trying my best to fit in the new surroundings. This is the first time I had lived away from my family. I often felt homesick and lonely and on my birthday, I just couldn’t accept the reality that I had to spend my special day without my loved ones but little did I know, an amazing surprise was waiting for me.

On the eve of my birthday when I was just gawking at the ceiling lying on my bed, my parents and brother video-called me exactly at midnight to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’. I still can’t believe I didn’t realise it was midnight because I have always been a girl who is excited about birthdays, counting down minutes until the clock strikes twelve. That call was a comforting reminder that even if we were miles apart, they missed me but didn’t want to miss the chance to wish me. After taking their blessings, I took a deep breath trying to ignore reality and tried my best to sleep but I couldn’t. Thank God, I took my birthday leave. With constant effort, I finally slept.  

The next morning, I slept in because I didn’t have big plans for the day. I also hadn’t made many friends since I was still new to the city. Just as I started to feel sorry for myself again, my doorbell rang. It was eleven in the morning and I was surprised to open my door to a delivery guy with a gift parcel. I quickly saw the sender’s name and my heart started beating faster as the parcel was from my family! Soon my brother called me and It was so good to hear the familiar voices of my parents and him wishing me a happy birthday. God, the way they were all singing it for me. Aah! What a feeling! Being an emotional person, tears welled up in my eyes. But, despite the miles between us, I felt so close to them! 

They urged me to open the parcel and as I did, my face brightened with happiness. They sent me a Birthday Hamper decked with flowers, chocolates, candles, a teddy and a personalised mug with a family picture. It was simply the perfect gifts and I just couldn’t stop smiling through my tears. We talked for about an hour laughing and talking about random things over the phone. I also shared everything I was experiencing in the new place. As we said our goodbyes, I took out the mug and sat down with a chocolate from the hamper. Mmm… I can still remember its taste in my mouth. This gift was more than just a birthday present to me; it was a reminder of the love that keeps us together, no matter how far we are from our loved ones. It was a special gesture from a family to their daughter conveying all their love and care! 

So, with the newfound sense of joy and excitement, I decided not to be sad anymore and to celebrate my birthday like always. I put on a pretty dress, wore my favourite lip shade, grabbed my camera and set out to explore Singapore with a renewed sense of happiness. Thanks to my family for sending me such a wonderful a birthday gift, a FNP hamper filled with everything I love!

So, my birthday went well. I wandered around the streets of Singapore, capturing its beauty with my camera. In the evening, I treated myself to a delicious dinner at one of the most famous local Singapore restaurant enjoying the Singaporean cuisine. As I returned to my place, feeling extremely tired but happy. I looked at the photo frame realising I was not alone. This birthday was definitely very different from previous ones but it was also one of the most memorable ones I have ever had!

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