Mutual Income-Producing Funds: What Are They, and What Features Do They Have

A mutual income-producing fund is one of the most suitable and straightforward tools for an investor planning to transfer money to professionals for management, and it has everything in moderation. It is perfect for beginners: an investor can get a higher return than a deposit or a portfolio of government bonds. At the same time, he does not need to have special knowledge and spend time on independent work on the stock exchange — the management company will handle the investment.

What are mutual income-producing funds?

Mutual income-producing funds are complexes in which deposits (shares) of individuals are accumulated. The management company buys shares, bonds, and other securities with these funds, which bring or do not bring income to shareholders. Its significant features are:

  •  The value of mutual fund units is tied following the chosen strategies of management companies to stock indices, stocks, bonds, currencies, precious metals, oil, and other assets.
  • The yield of a share depends on the dynamics of the asset’s value.
  • The investor will not be compensated for losses from the loss of funds if he does not insure his investments.

Mutual income-producing funds are divided into open, closed, and interval, and their difference lies in the freedom of disposal of invested funds. The profitability of mutual funds is determined by the market situation, the qualifications of employees of management companies, and their ability to predict market trends.

How can you get income?

The yield of a mutual fund depends on how the unit’s value has changed. Investments are not insured by the state, so that investors can earn and lose their money. There are two ways to make money on shares:

  • Redemption of shares owned by the investor. In this case, the management company itself compensates the participant for the total value of the share in cash.
  • Sale to another person. You need to find a buyer and close the deal.

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What are the benefits of a mutual fund?

Mutual income-producing funds have advantages over other instruments:

  • Professionals manage mutual income-producing funds, so you do not have to constantly think about which securities to invest your funds in. Professionals work with mutual funds, so the investor does not need to understand the peculiarities of the stock market.
  • The investor selects a strategy with a suitable level of risk and return. The investor picks a fund depending on the type of investment, currency, the composition of assets, and placement period. Each mutual fund has its investment strategy. There are funds whose investment strategies primarily involve investing in stocks, bonds, or mixed investments.
  • For investors with small savings, both shares and tax benefits are available. You can buy or redeem a claim at a management company, an agent bank, or, if it is an exchange-traded fund, through a broker on the exchange.

Summing Up

A mutual income-producing fund is when you and other investors hand over your savings to a management company to invest in different assets. The work of each fund is regulated by the rules of trust management, which include an investment declaration, a description of the rights of holders of investment shares, an indication of the amount of remuneration of the management company, information on taxation, and so on. The income between shareholders is distributed in proportion to the number of shares. It is a great way to invest that has a lot of benefits.


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