Love to Celebrate? 4 Holiday Decorations You Can Easily Make

Do you celebrate the holidays but find it hard to come up with easy ways to decorate? Many people have trouble with this but there are a few easy decorating tips that can help you out for your next holiday. These tips will get you decorating in record time but will make you look like you are a pro.

Clear Glass Containers


Glass containers and vases can be a wonderful way to decorate that you can change out with different celebrations. For Christmas you could fill them with round Christmas bulbs or branches from a pine tree and pine cones. You could even add some lights. For the 4th of July you could fill the bottom with sand and place a few small flags or small pumpkins for Halloween. You could even learn to make a handmade bow. This is a very versatile decoration that is so easy to change out.




A centerpiece makes a big statement with very little effort and can be changed out for the holidays. Fill centerpieces with candy canes, ornaments, faux presents, lights or all of the above. You can use any pretty container or even a decorative planter. Picking items that you can easily change the décor will make decorating a breeze.


Decorative Paper


Paper or cardstock is a great decorating idea. If you fold a sheet up like a funnel it looks like a Christmas tree which would look great next to a centerpiece filled with candy canes. They make the paper in all the holiday patterns so you could use it in a picture frame for Thanksgiving or any other holiday. You could decoupage onto a pumpkin or make napkin rings and place settings. It looks amazing when you line a clear container with it and add a battery operated candle.


Fill a platter


A platter lets you really showcase the items you are using. Whether you use a silver tray, ceramic or glass you can arrange anything you want on it. Lay down some pine branches and lay ornaments cones or pumpkins on it. Adding Indian corn or fruit can be an attractive centerpiece. It is a great one for Valentine’s Day as you can put down candy hearts, cards and flowers on it.


These are a few tips to get you through your holiday decorating a little easier.

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