Kind Gestures: 4 Care Package Necessities For Chemotherapy Patients

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Family and friends of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, often struggle with providing the things and support that really matters. Although there are many different ways you can help your loved one deal with chemo, some may be a little more useful than others. From wigs and warm blankets to bright flowers and entertainment, give your friend or family member something that counts. Below are four care package necessities anyone going through chemo will appreciate.

Comfy Clothes And Accessories

Chemotherapy commonly increases one’s sensitivity to both cold temperatures and hot temperatures. Since hospitals are usually very cold, to begin with, your care package should include soft blankets, scarves, and warm socks. Hospitals usually offer heated blankets, but nothing beats soft blankets and clothes from home. Although chemo patients typically stay cold, they will also have random body temperature fluctuations, including hot flashes. Be sure to throw in an icy cool towel for the moments when your loved one might need to cool down.

Moisturizers And Soap For Dry Skin

The soaps, shampoos, and moisturizers offered in hospitals can sometimes not agree with your skin or may not be what you’re used to. Since chemotherapy and radiation can cause dry, irritated skin, your loved one would love some sensitive products to use every day. Include a variety of gentle lotions, moisturizers, ointments, creams, and lip balm for the ultimate care package. Choose products that are scent-free and hypoallergenic to prevent further irritation or skin rashes.

Head Wear And Wigs

Chemotherapy is hard enough on the patient, but often times losing hair can make it even harder. Often times those going through chemotherapy suffer in their self-confidence because of hair loss. With suitable wigs and headwear, your loved one’s confidence will be back in no time. Make sure you discuss the option of hats and wigs with your loved one beforehand to make sure covering it up is what they want. Otherwise, it could be insulting.

Fun And Entertainment

Nobody enjoys being stuck in the hospital for days. One of the most important necessities for your chemotherapy care package is things to make the time go by. A few options for entertainment include:

  • Fun And Colorful Journals
  • Word Searches
  • Magazines
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • Netflix Or Hulu Subscription
  • Sudoku Puzzle Book
  • Adult Coloring Books

There are so many entertainment options depending on your loved one’s interests. Try to choose simple activities that don’t require much effort, since chemo often results in severe fatigue.

If your loved one is new to chemotherapy, it’s important that they know what to expect. With the right information and a great care package, you’ll be able to help them have a more positive experience. Use the care package tips above, as well as any you find on your own when building the ultimate care package.


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