Inconveniences to Plan for When Your Schedule is Packed

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Life is so busy these days – between work, socializing, and trying to take some time for yourself each day – it can be hard to stay ahead of the game. With all that’s on your plate, the last thing you want or need is little inconveniences getting in the way of our plans. But rather than waiting until an emergency arises to figure out what to do with them, having a plan in place will help you breeze through hectic days without any hiccups. Here are some situations you can have a plan for before getting caught in them.

Emergency Car Maintenance

Taking the precautions to have a backup plan for emergency car maintenance is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Knowing how to change a tire and having roadside insurance are important first steps, but it’s essential that you also have someone in your life (or some other resource) you trust to coordinate a backup ride if needed. Sometimes getting stuck without a working car can mean being late to an appointment or struggling to get to work to even pay for the repairs. Having resources available in case of an emergency gives peace of mind and helps keep life running smoothly.

Losing Your Phone 

Despite the fact that technology has made our lives almost effortless, there’s still that occasional moment of dread when we realize we can’t find our phones. To prevent further stress and to make sure you can always locate your device, it’s important to get a tracker for your phone and enable its built-in location help feature. That way if you ever lose track of where your phone is, you’ll be able to easily locate it and breathe a sigh of relief. Additionally, if something were to happen like your battery dying or the phone slipping out of pocket at the store, it never hurts to know who you have around you who might be able to lend you their own device until yours is back in your hands. It also never hurts to have a backup charger in your bag if you find yourself out of charge. Preparing these backup plans will ensure tranquility in case anything unexpected happens with your device.

Locking Yourself Out

When life gets busy we want to focus on the things that are important and avoid distractions, however, having a backup plan in case of emergencies is an invaluable asset. Locking yourself out of your home or car is one of these contingencies that you will not want to be confronted with. In order to save yourself the headache of getting locked out, make sure there are extra keys for both handy, whether hidden on your property or in the hands of someone you can trust, like a neighbor or a roommate. Alternatively, try to find reliable emergency locksmiths who can help you if needed or look into ways to open your locks without a key – either way having a backup plan just in case will make these inconveniences bearable.

Lost Passwords

Being able to access your accounts without having to manually remember each and every password can be a godsend when life gets busy. A great way to alleviate pressure in these situations is to make use of a password manager. Password managers allow you to store all passwords securely in one convenient place, eliminating the fuss of having to remember them all! Not only do they have built-in features that can generate secure passwords for your accounts, but you also won’t have to worry about hunting for any forgotten passwords if you’re ever in a pinch – just hop on into the app and grab it right away.

Power Outages 

Power outages can be one of the most frustrating parts of life when you’re busy, as there’s only so much you can do without electricity. In order to guarantee that your files are safe if the power does go out, it’s important to make sure your computer is backed up regularly. Whether you schedule your backups or just make it part of your routine, making sure to keep everything backed up will help reduce stress in case of an unexpected loss of electricity.  As well, if you have the means, make sure your laptop is fully charged as often as it can be, and try to operate with it plugged in as much as possible. Don’t let a power failure ruin important documents, photos, and other information – use a backup plan for peace of mind.


Overall, it’s wise to be prepared for unexpected events that could throw a wrench in your daily life. Whether that’s preparing for a car emergency or having to locate a lost item, equipping yourself with the right backup plan can go a long way. Working with a workflow like this can ensure that you have all the necessary action steps mapped out. From setting up tracking devices and password managers to making sure data is backed up regularly, taking a few proactive steps can keep you one step ahead of whatever comes your way. We don’t always know when something might happen, but being prepared can go a long way toward mitigating potential consequences.


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