How to Use Your Business Cards As a Powerful Marketing Element

One survey says businesses see around a 12.5% increase in sales for every 1000 business cards distributed. Another survey tells 72% of people judge you and your business by the quality of your business card. Both of these surveys show us – Having a business card is a must, and the business card must be good.

With the increasing competition, marketing experts always look for creative ways to promote businesses. Therefore, a business card today doesn’t remain a piece of paper holding contact information. But it has become a powerful marketing element for businesses. This article shares some tips for using a business card as a powerful marketing element. How can you use your business card as a powerful marketing element? 

● Make an excellent first impression.

People’s attention spans these days are only 3 to 7 seconds and getting shorter. When you hand your business card to someone, you have only a few seconds to get the person’s attention before he puts the card in the wallet or saves it on the phone. If your card is uniquely designed and eye-catching, you will hear — “Your business card is very good.” To hear that often, use colors, graphics, logo, shape, and typography in your favor.

● A business card is the brand’s representative.

When someone looks at your business card, they look at your brand’s personality. The shape of your card, the colors used, and the logo you’ve designed all speak for your brand. Your business card is your brand’s representative. Therefore, it should look and feel how you want to represent your business to the public.

● Convey your brand message

By looking at your business card, people can assume what you do. And it should be like that. Use proper colors, images, and typography to convey the brand message. Your brand’s message and visuals can’t be mismatched. For example, you can’t use Comic Sans fonts if you have a law firm. But if you are a graphic designer, white background with text in Times New Roman won’t work.

● Separate yourself from the crowd

When businesses require a business card, they hire a random designer to create a generic business card that will just do the work. But your business card should be unique to separate yourself from the competitors. Although there are templates available online that you can use and quickly design your business card within a few minutes but if you are serious about your business and really want to use your business card as a powerful marketing element, then you must create a custom business card, that is memorable and eye-catching to make your brand recognizable among your audience.

● Cross-promote with complementary businesses.

Businesses must work with other complementary businesses to improve their reputation and increase brand awareness. For example, interior designers can bring you more clients if you’re in the painting and wall putty business. Establish a network with some of your complimentary businesses in the industry so that they can have your business card with them. This way, your business card works as a cross-promotion marketing tool.

● Start a referral program.

One side of a business card is mostly used, and the other remains blank. Many businesses use this blank space wisely. They use it to give information about their product or service.

Another clever way to utilize this space is by offering a referral program. Encourage your customers to provide emails and contact information of people they know who might be interested in your business. You can even incentivize this program to boost their motivation.

● Take help from past clients.

Business cards work when you distribute them. Ask your past clients whether they want to display your business card on their website or shop. You can get a little creative here. If your past client agrees to display your card, design a few cards with that clients testimonial on the back side of the card. So, the people coming to your client will know how you’ve helped that person.


The two things that matter the most about the business card are the design and distribution. When the business card is designed thoughtfully and distributed properly, it becomes a powerful marketing element for businesses.

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