How to Surprise Your Bride On the Wedding Morning

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Like you, your bride will experience various emotions on the morning of your wedding, from excitement and anticipation to stress and anxiety.  As their future husband or wife, you will likely want to ease their nerves and remind your spouse how happy you are to meet her at the end of the aisle. Banish those big day jitters by learning how to surprise your bride on the wedding morning.

Timeless Jewellery

Few items can compare to the gift of jewelry on the morning of your wedding day.  A timeless piece will make your bride-to-be feel special, and she’ll wear it for the whole world to see as she walks down the aisle.  Pick a luxury gold jewelry item that complements her wedding dress, such as 18-carat gold diamond and pearl earrings.  It will ensure your wife feels beautiful when she says, “I do”.

A Stunning Scent

Ask the mother of the bride or maid of honor to surprise your other half with a bottle of perfume on your wedding morning. It will forever remind your partner of the big day, and you can trust she will love to receive a bottle every wedding anniversary.

Great wedding day perfumes include:

  • Celine Rimbaud Eau de. Parfum
  • Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de. Parfum
  • Tiffany & Co. Eau de. Parfum
  • Jo Malone London

Create a Romantic Slideshow

A romantic slideshow will make your other half feel more excited to walk down the aisle to exchange vows. Send the file to the maid of honor ahead of the big day, which she should play for the bride before a professional makeup artist arrives. You can guarantee a slideshow of your many happy moments will bring a tear to her eyes, and she will treasure the slideshow throughout your happy marriage.

Organize an Unusual Wedding Car

Organize an unusual wedding car that matches your bride-to-be’s personality and will make her smile from ear to ear. For example, if she has always wanted to take a ride on a fire engine, you could hire one to transport your partner to the ceremony. If your other half is a passionate camper, she might love traveling to the venue in a retro VW campervan.

A Surprise Video Message from a Celebrity

A personalized video message from a favorite celebrity might be an ideal way to surprise your other half on the morning of your wedding. Many platforms are available to book a custom message from a TV, movie, or music star. It’s a thoughtful gift that may make her shriek with glee, which will get the wedding day off to a perfect start. 

Think carefully about her much-loved shows, bands, or movies and find the best star to send her a thoughtful, personal message on their special day. The above gifts are great ways to make your bride-to-be smile on the wedding morning. Consider her personality and tastes to pick a gift she will remember fondly throughout her married life.

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