How to Stage a Home in a Hurry


A well-staged home can make a world of difference when it comes to selling. It isn’t something you have to spend a lot of time on to make a lasting impression. Here are some quick tips on how to stage a home in a hurry.

The point of staging your home is to create a clean, yet lived-in look for your prospective buyers. The goal is to help them experience the ideal version of the home with all of its potential. Staging helps buyers emotionally connect with the home and increases perceived value. Too little staging and the home looks empty and boring, and too much can be distracting and overwhelming.

Here are 8 tips to get your home staged in no time:

1. Yard work

Your front yard is going to be the first impression of your home. Making sure your yard is
presentable can make a big difference in the overall perceptions of your home. Simply mowing down the grass and edging around walkways can go a long way. On top of that making sure weeds are pulled and cleared makes a massive impact on the overall presentation of your yard. Lastly, I recommend planting some flowers. Just like inside the house, flowers signal life and vitality, which is a great emotion to evoke in home buyers.

The curb appeal of a home is obviously a big deal, here are some more ideas about how to upgrade the exterior of your home.

2. Hardware switch

Cabinets are a massive focal point for new buyers. You may not have time to upgrade your cabinets, but simply updating the hardware can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your space. Hardware is something we interact with every day. Replacing all of your hardware can get pricey, we love these ideas for DIY hardware.

3. Fancy Floors

Flooring is another massive focus for new buyers, whether that floor is updated or has been there a while, too much floor can be overwhelming and drab. A simple fix here is to throw in a few rugs. Some areas to think about are large carpeted areas, long hallways, and entryways. Not only does the rug add some fun colour and texture, but it will cozy up the space and make it look much more welcoming.

4. Walls

We all know a fresh coat of paint is a great way to bring new life to your home, but painting takes a lot of time and resources. Making sure there are no holes in your wall can go a long way. Obviously larger holes should be patched, but we often forget the small pinholes from previous photos being hung. Filling in the pinholes is a quick solution that makes a big difference. Another quick and simple fix for large empty wall spaces is wall hangings. Large pieces of art, photo frame clusters (I love Mixtiles), or mirrors are great ways to liven up a wall space quickly and easily.

5. Flowers (faux or real)

Flowers either faux or real are an incredibly simple way to bring life and colour to your space. Anything you can do to make the space feel more welcoming and homey is a plus, and nothing does that better than flowers placed around the room. These are not only fragrant but a welcome way to bring joy into your home, that will surely be felt by all prospective buyers.

6. Scent

A lot of our tips are aesthetic improvements in the home, but one often neglected is the smell of the home. As mentioned above flowers are a great way to add some fresh fragrance in the home, but using air fresheners is a simple way to give the home a nice welcoming scent. If you really want to impress home buyers, nothing says, “home” like the smell of fresh baked cookies. Simply baking a plate of cookies and setting it out for prospective buyers to enjoy is a quick and delicious way to create a homey feel in your house. One of our favorite, easy cookie recipes is our Peanut Butter Cookies.

7. Window coverings

Windows are the eyes of your home. So upgrading your window coverings is a great way to level up this central feature of your home. Avoid bigger coverings that make guests feel claustrophobic and collect lots of dust, Choose simple shades that offer a very low
profile. Choosing something that lets in enough light to brighten the space, but still provides privacy is ideal.

8. Less is more

An important lesson to remember when staging your home is, “less is more”. Removing
clutter that is distracting or pulls away from the natural beauty of the home. When staging decor or flowers keep things simple and elegant. Too much and it becomes distracting and overwhelming. 

As you can see, staging your home can be done quickly and easily, but the results can be
massive. According to RESA staging helped increase offer amounts by up to 5 percent!

If you need assistance with staging your home, you can always seek the assistance of a property manager, as staging a home is an essential part of property management.

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