How to Reduce the Stress of Moving

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Relocating is never easy but with these ideas, the transition can become a smooth process. When finding a new place to live always remember to locate a good moving company like, and a good realtor. A realtor will know the area as well as restaurants, schools, daycare services, medical offices, hospitals, or any other services you might need to locate. Once you have found the right realtor for your needs, ask the realtor to provide some lender companies’ names so you can go ahead and get a pre-qualified letter in case you want to go ahead and make an offer on a house. You may also want to look into as another loan alternative.


Also, if you’re not looking to buy a house, many realtors also have properties available for rent. Always a good idea is to bring measurements of furniture to make sure you are getting the right size house you need.

Begin your job hunting in advance. Make sure you take a few days off from your current job to physically go to the city/town you are trying to relocate to. In doing so, you will become familiar with your new area. Also, contact head hunters or staffing companies in your new area to have them help in assisting you with your job search.

While doing your job search, also check out any facilities or needs you might have, such as schools, daycare services, assisted living, or other elderly facilities. Your realtor can provide a list for you of these services, especially the schools and daycare facilities.

Always keep important papers with you. Do not pack them with the rest of your belongings. These types of papers would include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage licenses
  • Passports
  • Social Security cards


Any other papers that would be difficult to receive a duplicate copy.

Remember to obtain copies of your medical records. This will ensure continuity for your medical history as well as a smoother transition with your new doctor. The same can be said for getting copies of your children’s school records. Schools can request copies of their children’s school records, but for a smoother transition on their first day at a new school, a copy of their records would be useful. Also, don’t forget your pets’ medical records. As with your own medical history, obtaining your pets’ medical records can continue their medical treatment.

Keep a list of phone numbers and services that need to be canceled. These services would include cable, phone, utilities, banks, etc.

A move can be stressful and chaotic at times, but if you keep these tips in mind before, during, and after your move that will keep the stress at a minimum.

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