How to Properly Prepare Your Roof for Winter Months

The winter can be harsh, which means that it’s time to think about your roof. Many people are unaware that winter maintenance can save them from future high repair costs. Ice and cold, windy weather can interfere with the inside of your home, especially if you have an older roof.

If you need to work on your roofing and don’t know where to start, here are some simple tips that will help you keep it in top shape during the winter months.

Remove Snow Immediately

Sure, it looks pretty after it falls onto your roofing. On the other hand, the heaviness of the snow can easily become a major issue. This is especially true for homes that experience a large amount of snowfall.

When you let snow linger on your roof, it begins to melt and form ice dams as the temperature drops. This repetitive freezing and unthawing process can loosen and even remove your shingles. Once this occurs, you’re bound to have leaks. To avoid this, have fresh snow removed immediately. Have a professional roof maintenance company remove it to avoid injuries.

Keep an Eye on Your Gutters

When you notice icicles forming on your roof, it’s highly probable you have a blockage within your gutters. Blockage can lead to roof damage and also break your gutters off of your home, causing structural damage. Be sure to get rid of ice formation on your gutters to ensure they’re draining properly.

Get an Inspection

If you have the resources, it’s a good idea to get a professional roof inspection before any snow falls. Doing so helps you assess your risk of winter damage. You may not realize that your shingles are damaged or some are missing if you don’t spend much time on your roof. This small investment can save you money on leaks and insulation costs later on.

Most people brace themselves for higher heat costs during the winter months. However, neglecting to prepare your roof before the temperatures drop can put you in some serious trouble financially. Taking precautionary steps like getting an inspection, regularly checking your gutters, and clearing lingering snow can prevent leaks and other roof-related damages.

In addition to doing winter maintenance to your roof, it’s important that you tend to your roof year-round. Clearing excess debris from your roof and gutters before snow falls helps them work effectively when snow falls.

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