How to Prevent Flood Damage From Ruining Your Home

While you think you may be doing all you can to keep your home in great condition, you may be falling behind when it comes to preventing flood damage. For many homeowners, one torrential rainfall results in a flooded basement or another part of their home, often leading to ruined possessions and expensive repairs. When something like this happens, you start wondering what you could have done to prevent it. For instance, one good idea would be to use flexible hose pipe and connectors to prevent their breakdown and keep your home flood-free.

Install Window Well Covers

While window wells offer great protection by not letting dirt and debris reach your basement’s windows, they are also areas where it can be easier for too much water to get into your basement. To prevent this, you can install window well covers to act as barriers against rain. Inexpensive and easy to install, this can be a quick solution to a long-time problem.

Waterproof Your Foundation

Since the water that damages homes often enters through the foundation, you may want to invest in various types of waterproofing for your foundation. From exterior waterproofing to sealing inside cracks located on your foundation walls and basement floor, you can eliminate many points of entry for water. You can also waterproof the interior of your basement foundation, as well. In the event of a flood, EnduraFlood wall designs helps protect your basement from water damage with an installation that provides a barrier to interior water while looking stylish. 

Look for a reputable company with experience. You could start by searching for Basement Waterproofing Kingston if you are in the Eastern Ontario area. You could also ask for recommendations and look for reviews. You want a company with a great track record doing something so important.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Even though your gutters are located high above your home’s foundation, they still play a critical role in helping to prevent flood damage. If you don’t keep your gutters cleaned out regularly, the debris accumulating inside them will allow rainwater to spill over to your foundation, resulting in flooding as well as foundation damage.

Install a Sump Pump

If your basement does not contain a sump pump, it should. Since these pumps are able to pump gallon after gallon of water out very quickly, they can prevent flood damage from taking place. However, since these pumps rely on electricity to operate, consider having a backup power source available for them, such as a generator.


Finally, you can also incorporate a number of landscaping ideas into your plan to prevent flood damage from ruining your home. For example, you can use sloping hills to make sure water is diverted away from your home’s foundation. Also, by planting various types of shrubbery near your home, you can lessen the amount of area rainwater has to sink into the ground near your home, decreasing the chances of flooding.


Once you incorporate some of these tips into your home, you’ll have peace of mind no matter how hard it may be raining outside.

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